As I travel the campaign trail through the 147th District, my greatest enjoyment comes in meeting the many interesting and diverse people who live, work and play here.  One of those is Wyoming County businessman, Hans Boxler. 


Hans is a fit and feisty 77 year old entrepreneur who oversees his family’s business empire that includes a 5,000 acre, 2,000 cow, 40 employee dairy farm and an agri-tourism animal adventure park (Hidden Valley Animal Adventure) that spans 63-acres, features over 200 animals and 30 exotic species and employs 50 area workers.

Hans is remarkable in his strategic business vision and his boundless energy to implement that vision.  He also is a sharp-minded farmer who manages to keep his agri empire afloat through good seasons and bad.  That is why I asked him to explain the process of milk pricing.  For those of us who walk into a super market and grab our favorite dairy treat….be it ice cream, cheese, yogurt or milk….it’s almost startling to understand how WNY dairy farmers are paid for their product.