As this picture shows, Tuesday was a rough outing for the Ninja.

Tuesday started out like any other day. The Ninja called me to meet for dinner around 4:30pm. It would be my breakfast as I had worked the overnight shift the night before.

Being on a strict health food regimen, we decided on KFC. The Ninja was eating his chicken, babbling about something, when all of a sudden, he stood up and began coughing. It got worse as he began puking across the table. I could tell the other dozen or so people inside really appreciated this. My first instinct was heart attack?

I have to admit I did not know how to proceed in case it was a heart attack. The Ninja slipped into panic mode in between barfs and said “Get Randy!” (the manager). I ran outside and called over to Randy. I told him I was unsure of what was going on but thought the Ninja might be having “the Big one.”

I called 911 as I was walking back inside. Once inside, Randy told me the Ninja had been choking on a biscuit, but was able to dislodge it. I felt bad for the guy,as well as the biscuit, as we’ve all been there at least once. Upon reentry into the restaurant, I noticed the crowd had grown more restless. A Puerto Rican guy gave us a dirty look as firefighters arrived.