Christina Abt (I) the Independence Party Candidate for the 147th New York State Assembly District, who is also endorsed by the Democratic and Working Families Parties, recently received the support of retiring incumbent NYS Assemblyman, Dan Burling (R.) Burling hails from the Wyoming County sector of the new 147th, which has a two-to-one Republican to Democratic voter registration. Burling stated that his decision to endorse Abt is based largely on his 14 years of assembly experience.

“During my time in the Assembly, I have served as the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Minority Conference, a member of the standing committees on Health, Environmental Conservation, Veteran’s Affairs and Housing and on the Task Force on Integrative Medicine and Agriculture and the American Legislative Exchange Council,” Burling said. “One of the significant lessons I have learned through my state assembly service is that the most effective leaders are those who know how to listen and work collaboratively with their fellow representatives. They are the ones who are most successful, not only in their government roles, but in the positive impact they make on their district. Christina Abt is that kind of candidate and I have no doubt that, when elected, she will become that type of assembly representative.”

The 147th Assembly District was recently redistricted to include 14 Southern Erie County villages/towns and 16 villages/towns in Wyoming County. The rural nature of the 147th makes it a perfect match for Abt, whose family worked as farmers in Wyoming and who operated her own family’s farm in southern Erie. Running on a platform of, “All For All,” Abt professes a political focus of community concern over political allegiance.

“I am honored and grateful for Assemblyman Burling’s endorsement of my candidacy.” Abt said. “I admire the assemblyman for his Navy service to his country, his successful private enterprise career and his long running public service. However it is his willingness to stand up in the midst of strong political forces and publicly endorse me based on my capabilities and dedication, rather than for my political affiliations, that I believe shows his courage and his true commitment to the people that he has so ably served. ”

Abt’s candidacy for the 147th assembly seat is a grass roots effort centered on support for agriculture as both an industry and an economic stimulator, fostering private and public sector liaisons to encourage job creation, protecting the environment and working to create a better balance between the upstate/downstate government factions.