by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills move into the second quarter of their season looking to remain more consistent. Cross country road trips are difficult on any NFL team but to have to make two in a row against teams that are playing very well increase the challenge.

This season so far I think has to be approached with caution because so, many times in the past the Bills have faded as the season as progressed. The problem in recent years can be attributed to their lack of quality depth at every position. It is the hope of management that this problem has been rectified. So far it is just too early to say for sure can this team finally finish a whole NFL season and knock on the door of the play offs.

In looking at their last home game against the New England Patriots it seemed to start almost exactly like the game last year. The Bills were able to move the ball early but failed to finish drives early in the game. which allowed New England to take an early lead. This year you can see the difference in the quality of the defense which stopped a lot of the Patriot early drives keeping the Bills in the game early. Patriots 7- Bills 0

Once again our quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick when needed to make a play failed miserably, and threw two early interceptions. I think the Bills offensive coaching staff needs to face the reality that they have a quarterback that can’t make every throw at the NFL level. After Safety Jarius Byrd forced a fumble from patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski the Bills went to their tight end Scott Chandler with a quick strike touchdown to tie a very defensive game in the second quarter. Bills -7- Patriots 7.
Ryan Fitzpatrick once gain found his tight end Scot Chandler and the Bills took a second quarter lead. Bills 14- Patriots -7

As the third quarter started in the hands of the New England Patriots our defense began to assert its physical dominance over the New England Patriots, with hits that separated the player from the ball. These factors helped to ignite the offense of the Bills in scoring the first third quarter point on a slant route to wide receiver Donald Jones. Bills 21- Patriots -7 3rd quarters… The patriots wasted no time in scoring quickly making the score Bills 21- Patriots- 21

Well the reality of the greatness of Tom Brady began the fourth quarter with a touchdown strike to Rob Gronkowski taking the lead back from the Bills. Patriots 28- Bills 21.

This game was dominated by the team that capitalized on the other team’s mistakes. This was the deciding factor in a game that got out of hand in the fourth quarter. Patriots 52- Bills 28. Final.

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