by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello all: I actually started writing this before the first Obama/Romney Debate, and had to put it on the back burner to focus on the trickery, lies and deceit that the Mitt-Twit spewed out on live television. But, I didn’t want to allow it to distract me from completing this communique, so now, I’ll resume:

It’s October, folks, and I can breathe again – somewhat. Having attended both the Democratic National Convention and the Congressional Black Caucus literally back to back, September kind of went by on roller blades for me. Couple that with experiencing an equipment malfunction where both my computers decided to die at the same time, making it close to impossible to blog, this has really been an interesting and challenging month for me. {Camera died too, so I guess it’s just time for a complete equipment overhaul – because, admittedly, while my Gateway and my Samsung have both served me well, I did put a hurting on them 24/7.}

Moving right along: In the grand scheme of things, all that is happening with us – the election of President Obama for a second term as President of the United States; the revelation of the rep-ugh-blican party as America’s resident evil; the second chance for the Democrats to redeem themselves by correcting the ills visited upon America as a result of their neglect and disunity, which caused them to lose the crucial mid-term election – was a wake up call of the highest order.

The old saying, “a house divided against itself cannot stand” is one that the Democrats must heed well going into the second term under President Obama, because it is clear that the last two years of chaos was brought about by their combination “blue dog” democrat refusal to consolidate and cooperate under a Black president; coupled with the concept that they had “gotten over” and could now go back to the business of flying low under the radar.

Think of how much more progress could have been made – should have been made – had they not been playing fast and loose, when they should have been literally walking through President Obama’s plans and completely turning around the economic debacle that had been visited upon us by eight years of Bush’s rapacious administration. While Bush took a surplus and turned it into a deficit; Obama’s requirement of taking that deficit and turning it back into a surplus would have been closer to a fait’ accompli had the Democrats maintained their cohesiveness. A lesson learned is a lesson well earned. And going forward, the lesson is “Don’t do that gain, ever! There is strength in unity; and we need all the unity we can get.”

The same is true of the so-called negro Menace-sters (ministers) who have the temerity and gall to advise their congregation to not vote for President Obama. I had some really choice words for them but God told me not to say them; at least not in the context of my blog – so let me just say this: It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and try to draw attention to yourselves by running a counter attack on the President under the guise of some religious belief. One can only wonder what other misguided directions are coming from you as you hide behind the pulpit, and some robes which you think make you “holy.”

Perhaps this is why this country in its infinite wisdom decided on the separation of church and state; having escaped from similar oppressive and repressive misguidance when they left their shores to come here to establish a new nation. Not because they did not believe in God, but because most of them did; but because the abuse of power by those in the pulpit had made their lives a living hell when it came to governance.

President Obama is the President of the entire United States of America – including those with alternative life styles – get it? He is not the President in favor of one group over another group; he is the president of all Americans – get it? He has not stopped being the President of all Americans, nor can he.

Now, of course, if you check your history, there have been Presidents of the United States of some Americans, and not others – Rutherford B. Hayes, Andrew Johnson (president after Lincoln’s Assassination), Woodrow Wilson, among others – during segregation, Jim Crow-ism, etc.,when we were not configured in that group called Americans.

So those of you who were living in the bad old days of segregation should be advising those who have never experienced those heinous days – days when we could not vote, it was against the law for us to vote, we had to pay a poll tax; and had to answer questions that no one else had to answer – that you never, ever, ever advise Black people to stay home and not. vote. You are doing a disservice to your congregation; and that is a sin. You are misguiding your flock, and leading them into a ditch. You have absolutely no clue as to the sacrifices people made to make sure that our votes count. You should not be allowed to be on the pulpit if you don’t understand the full measure of responsibility involved in every word that comes from your mouth – in short:
YOU ARE MENACE-STERS NOT MINISTERS!!!! How dare you! Step down and let someone who is really doing GOD’S WORK lead the people. You are unfit, unqualified and an abomination before all that is holy. If Jesus had been there during your pronouncements, he would have driven you out just as he did the Pharisees and merchants.

Concomitantly speaking, however, to the congregation, how dare you allow yourselves to be led down a slippery slope into the path of unrighteousness!!.. For you to even listen to something of that nature and not walk out of the church is a sin. You already know that you are allowing false prophets access to your minds; and that is evil. Someone coined the word “sheeple” which connotes those who can be herded around without any volition of their own.

But what is even more evil is if you believe these fools, follow their words and sabotage yourselves and this nation by not voting for President Barack Obama’s re-election on November 6, 2012. If you sit at home and squander your vote – one that many of us fought and died for – you are committing suicide.

While I don’t know specifically which ministers are guilty of this egregious act of emotional and spiritual blackmail (of course I could find out – and put them on blast), I’m sure each of you reading this column do. I would be very concerned if they would be allowed to continue to minister, considering the fact that they have so little regard for the people they purport to serve. Again, as I have said, beware of false prophets, and govern yourselves accordingly. (Frankly, if it was me, I’d have walked out of the church, demanded the resignation, and done some spiritual circles until I found a minister who knew who he was and who we are – but maybe you like being lied to on Sunday – I don’t know).

I wonder if they realize that Romney was a Mormon Church leader; and that Mormons had racist policies. Romney never publicly criticized or challenged Mormon church leaders on the policies, which were later repealed after Pres. Carter threatened to revoke their tax exempt status.

According to San Francisco’s “BeyondChron” News, “It’s ironic that these Black ministers are calling for Blacks not to vote at a time when there’s a concerted effort by Republicans to prevent African Americans from becoming registered and voting in November. Many of these laws were passed by Republican legislatures, and signed by GOP governors in battleground states with the intent to prevent or discourage African Americans from voting for President Obama and Democratic Governors, Congressmembers and state legislators. Some of these laws, such as a ban on early voting, prohibiting voter registration by non-profit groups like Black Churches and the League of Women Voters, and Voter ID laws have been overturned in the courts, and similar laws in other states are currently being challenged in the courts by lawsuits filed by the NAACP, the Justice Department and a coalition of Black ministers.

“Owens’ group and other Black religious organizations opposed to President Obama’s re-election have not been involved with efforts by the NAACP and other organizations to fight voter suppression efforts or to support African American voter education and turnout efforts.

“Many Black conservatives like to tell people what they think Dr. King’s positions would be today on issues like on politics … One issue where there would be no doubt on where Dr. King would stand today is on the issue of voting. Dr. King would denounce, in the strongest terms, any talk about African Americans not voting on election day. If Dr. King were around today, he would likely say that there are too many important issues on ballots across the country that will have a critical impact on African Americans for Black voters to say home.”

Moving forward, however, something rather interesting came to my attention, and I don’t know if the rest of the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) organizations have caught wind of it yet: THERE IS NO UNIFORM NATIONAL DEADLINE or ID FOR REGISTERING TO VOTE!!!

Actually , if valid I.D. was truly an issue in voter registration, all they have to do is design a NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION CARD – kind of like the PassPort – with the individuals photo, name, address, date of birth, and state he is authorized to vote in, and make sure all American Citizens, who are over 18, and registered, receive one. It would have a swipe on the back like a credit card. But then that would be too much like right, wouldn’t it? Then all they would have to do is scan it as they go in to vote, to validate that it is indeed a real (not fake) voter registration card. The voter could then go to the booth, pick his candidates, scan the card through the swipe, and go home – or party, or whatever. (and if you use the idea, I want credit for the concept – thank you very much! – Gloria Dulan-Wilson 10/7/12)

I had no idea that there was no set national deadline for registering to vote, until I started going down to Philadelphia to help register voters with the Harlem4Obama group. Pennsylvania’s deadline for voter registration is October 9; Arkansas and other areas is October 6 – this coming Saturday; New York’s deadline is October 12!! I am aware that there are some states that allow for early voting; and that absentee ballots have to be sent out by a certain time and returned in order to be included in the November 6 count; but what’s up with the mixed registration dates.

This is evidence that evil walks among us in the form of rep-ugh-blican machinations and manipulations to deter and deprive us of our right to vote. Rights, I might add again, for which many of us fought and died so you could be full participants in this country. And you allow some menace-sters to stand there and tell you some e-vile crap! WAKE UP — as Sam Jackson so eloquently put it in his video to you. Yes, to YOU!

More to the point, if you have friends or relatives in those areas who have not registered to vote yet, and are not aware of the manipulation of the deadlines, tell them to get on it. We need everybody lining up around the block to vote again like we did in 2008. It took all Americans – Black, White, Indian, Asian – coming together to support President Obama. It’s going to take that same effort again. You don’t want to show shaky while every one else is stepping up to the plate to make it happen. So if you have to hand carry your voter registration card personally to your local board of election to make sure it’s there and you’re duly registered – DO IT! Better safe than sorry and full of excuses and why fores.

In addition to the misguided menace-sters, it has come to my attention that there is a group of youth – between the ages of 20 and 27 – a new breed of politically ignorant “menaces to-society” who have had the temerity to say that they are not going to vote, that it does nothing for them.

Businesswoman, Ruth Clarke, founder of Clarke Unlimited Personnel, actually had a conversation with an employee at the Harlem Staples store on 125th street back in August. She has made herself a one-woman voter registration center, and carries the forms with her to hand them out to people she encounters. We were totally shocked to hear the young man boldly state that he does not believe that his vote counts, and does not believe in politics. After spending about 10 minutes talking with him, giving him a historical perspective on voting for Blacks and his responsibility in regards to himself and his people, he agreed to register to vote.

The frightening thing is that there are probably many more of our youth that we are overlooking who have the same ignorant mindsets. It’s up to us to keep them informed about their history. They may not believe in politics, but politics definitely believes in them, and can cut for or against them. The insidious thing about voter nullification, when perpetrated by the rep-ugh-blicans is bad enough, but when we visit it upon ourselves, that’s suicidal, stupid, and shows that we still are far away from where we need to be when it comes to being ready for prime time as a people.

The blessing is that they’ve had President Obama for the last 4 years, making it possible for them to get a quality college education, to reduce student loans, expand community colleges, open the doors to training. He is focused on bringing jobs back to the domestic shores where they belong. The list is super long on his accomplishments. But we have to make sure they understand what it means for them. Some how, in our overcoming, we forgot to keep our youth (and their parents) informed that this is a viable thing that has to be nurtured and kept alive, not to be taken for granted. Just because the benefits to African Americans is not in neon does not mean that we are not benefiting from all the President has accomplished (and he’s done it the hard way, I might add) during his administration.

And now we learn that the mid-term election may actually have been stolen from us, with potential threats against the upcoming election, as well. It appears there is a direct connection between Mitt Romney’s company, Bain, and the company that designs and manufactures the automated vote counting machines that may be used in the upcoming election.

How does this news get out and be promulgated in the newsrooms, the blogs, the newspapers, and not evoke a massive national hue and cry for the recall of those machines, and the return to either hand-counted votes, or the utilization of machines more reliable and hopefully not tied to those who are looking to circumvent our votes through what ever nefarious means they can come up with.

Why are we still reading about this, and have heard nothing about an investigation on the part of the Attorney General’s office, or the powers that be who run the national elections?As we go into the last 30 days before the election on November 6, 2012, there has to be some reordination of these machines, or they must be taken out of use completely. We have the news, we must not be sitting ducks, sheeple, menaces-to-society or victims of menace-sters.

Let’s make each and every one of those days count; and at the same time put the menace-sters on notice that their days are numbered, and their number is up NOW.

If October moves as fast as September did, you will realize that we absolutely have no time to lose THE MENACE-STERS have to be sent packing immediately if not sooner. The phrase “I Rebuke Thee!!” springs to mind.

After that we have to be about making sure that PRESIDENT OBAMA WINS THE ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012.

You have four Sundays from today.
Last day for voter registration in New York State is Friday, October 12.
Vice President Joe Biden Debates Ryan on October 11.
Next Obama/Romney Debate is October 16.

Stay Blessed &

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