It probably didn't enter any fans' minds this week. The possibility of losing this game? No way we would lose against the Titans. They have a hasbeen QB who was good six years ago.  A running back who hasn't had a 100-yard game since last year. A roster filled with a ton of nobodies. We are better, right?

This has happened so many times over the years. We were going to crush the Browns in 2008 and 2009. The Steelers backups in 2004. The Jags in 2007. We were going to beat the Bengals last year. Hell, it happened during the first game of the year when a number of people thought we would run all over the Jets. I said it after that game and it is worth repeating, but we need to stop being arrogant.

Almost every year people in the local media and the fan base pick the Bills to make the playoffs. Why? They have done nothing to earn the benefit of the doubt. They have killed a fan base that is so defeated and desperate for winning that we are probably begging for the Ray Bentley days of the Buffalo Destroyers. We overrate everything now. We overrate Mighty Taco, Duff Wings, Labatt Blue, the Goo Goo Dolls and the Bills. I know we do that because we are sick of being viewed as a joke, but sometimes, perception is reality. We stink. So, stop with the talking pride. Stop with saying fans are assholes because they don't believe. We ain't shit. We haven't done anything in a decade. We are what we eat and that's shit.

So, when the Bills play the Jags, Rams and Colts later this year, stop the rhetoric of "We should kill them. We are better!" because we aren't. No matter how many times Gailey defends his players and acts like a victory against Arizona resembles beating Miami in the 90s -when anyone with a brain realizes he's merely celebrating their achievements as if Tommy Boy is bringing home a D+ report card to his dad- the team will always be the same. They are mediocre and our only hope is for the league to be worse than we are. That just sounds depressing.

The season is over.

They aren't going to beat the Texans and Pats. In fact, they are going to get destroyed. At 3-6 and having the mental toughness of a 6-year-old nerd whose lunch money was stolen, you really think this team is going to make a run? A team that always finds ways to lose either by blowouts or heartbreaking fashion? Come on. Stop believing. Watch the games to bond with your friends, or to get fat and wasted, or to hook up with drunk girls.

That's what they are good for. Winning doesn't come easy and you have to earn it. Not through press clippings or hype or believing. You do it on the field and no one in this organization has proven it.

(I'll have more on this game in the next couple of pieces. )