I’m pretty sure all of us predicted a loss.  I’m also pretty sure that most of us predicted a rather ugly loss.  This was the Buffalo sports equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.  At this point, I don’t understand exactly how there can be any fish left in the barrel to shoot at.

There really isn’t anything left to say, right?  We reached that point somewhere in the heart of the Dick Jauron era.  Yes – the Buffalo Bills do exist as an NFL franchise in that they play games mostly on Sunday (and starting certainly no later than 4:25 pm).  They pick college players in April, usually as it turns out not good players, but they pick them.  And they get to cash big TV contract checks.  Those may be the bare minimum requirements, but hey, whatever it takes, am I right??

There’s always been a cozy little spot for the loveable losers.  The Chicago Cubs certainly took that idea and ran with it.     Bet a lot of folks would nominate the Maple Leafs.  And until recently, the Detroit Lions were card-carrying members of the club.  The Cleveland Browns may be the next to be granted tenure.

The Buffalo Bills are not loveable losers. 

Oh, they’re the butt of jokes.  And for sure there are always statements of sympathy for the fan base from out-of-town media types.  They are missing the point.  What’s going on in Orchard Park would certainly qualify for loveable loser status, as it seems the Bills are no closer to get things figured out than they were 3, 5, hell 10 years ago.  But there’s something that makes the situation here different than the ones ongoing in Chicago or Toronto or Cleveland.

Cubs, Leafs, and Browns fans are not wondering if they’ll still have a team next year.

It’s the oft-talked about proverbial turd in the punchbowl when ANY discussion of the Bills comes up.  It’s a magnifying glass, increasing in strength with each passing season.  By-products include a fan base that often seems to be in ever-increasing need of Zoloft.  Folks are gonna be off the deep end when the defense is shredded for 97 points in 2 weeks.  Add in the cocktail of equal parts ridiculous 12-year playoff drought, No QB of the future, and “What happens when the soon-to-be 94 yr old owner finally kicks it”, things get ratcheted up a notch.

It doesn’t help that former perennial doormats are finding success these days.  Yeah, the Lions have stumbled out of the block, but they got to the playoffs last year after plunging to depths the Bills have not explored.  The Cardinals, one the great all time jokes of a professional franchise, they’ve been to a Super Bowl.  The Saints had to leave their city for a year because it was UNDERWATER.  Super Bowl winner.

For Bills fans, it appears the current reality of still being in the league is going to have to be good enough.  And that stinks.  Just being happy their team exists shouldn’t be enough.