On a sunny Friday morning in May, I stood at the Walter J. Mahoney State Building and announced my candidacy for the NYS Assembly.  At the time, I was one of 5 declared candidates among a field of hopefuls, supported by a small but strong base of political veterans, community activists and family, friends and neighbors.

Today, just 5 weeks until the election, it is amazing to recall that day and to process the many changes that have occured since. 

 I am now one of two final candidates running for the NYS Assembly in the 147th District,a fact that  is highly validating as four months ago, many people did not give my campaign much notice or consideration.

My world has expanded to include new supporters and a wealth of new experiences with people and at places throughout Erie and Wyoming Counties.  In the process I have grown as a candidate and as a strategic planner, already involved with private and public sector partners in creating solutions to core problems within the district.

I have learned that despite the negativity surrounding politics, the 147th district is populated by people truly dedicated to their communities.  The added bonus is that many are willing to work with those offering that same dedication, regardless of political affiliation or party loyalties.

And, perhaps most personally significant, I have come to realize the richness of my life in the family and friends who unfailingly love and support me, even on the days when I might not deserve it!

No doubt, I look forward to election day, but I am also savoring these last weeks of the campaign.  Ultimately, t has been a life-changing and incredibly positive experience—- in ways that I could never  imagined on that sunny Friday morning in May