Everyone from the neighborhood is familiar with “the slants”. The concrete walls bordering Cazenovia Creek from Cazenovia to Southside Parkway. I think pretty much every young person from South Buffalo has walked along them at some point (probably after being told not to.) How could one leave a blank canvass and not expect South Buffalo’s blue collar artists and prophets to fill it with wisdom?I wrote several months ago about the “Baby be Mine” slant offering. I suppose my all time favorite one would have to be “Billy Squier Rules.”

Before cyber-bullying, there was slant-bullying. WGR Producer and South Buffalo native, Greg Bauch carefully examined two slant posts in his Trending Buffalo post in search of answers…

Before Facebook there were the Cazenovia slants. The slants are two mile-long concrete canvases holding the Cazenovia creek at bay and housing all insults, spread-eagle naked lady stick finger drawings and “first initial-last initial hearts first initial-last initial” offerings. And, just like you do with Facebook, when you had a problem with someone, you “posted” it on the slants. Someone thought Tina was a slut and let South Buffalo know about it.

I always wondered why Tina would let that message stay there. Could she not afford the 2 dollars for a can of spray paint to cover up this salacious slander? Could Tina not hop a fence? Maybe Tina was proud of her title. Maybe Tina painted it in the first place.

I got my answer the other day when I noticed the “Tina” in “Tina is a slut” painted over to reveal that “Mark” is now the slut. For over 20 years, Tina was the slut. Now Mark is the slut. South Buffalo must be reeling.

If you read the comments underneath Greg’s post, a man named Bernie owns up to spray painting the incriminating message. In fact, I now know more about Bernie, Tina, and Mark, and a guy named Leathernuts than I wish I had. To read Greg’s entire post, please go to…
Tina and Mark, South Buffalo Sluts – Trending Buffalo