Obama and Romney join the would-be motown band, Crowley and the Town Hallians, in the 3rd Presidential Debate. Ed Bassmaster: youtube.com Wear Songify2012 things on your body: www.rodeoarcade.com Our 2nd Channel: youtube.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com Original video: youtu.be Behind the scenes: youtu.be LYRICS Crowley Welcome to the town hall debate where ordinary people talk to the candidates Skippy The ladies tell me they like a man with insurance So how do I get some without paying a billion dollars for it Tell me, who's gonna work it out, baby Who's gonna work it out? Obama This is not just a health issue It's an economic issue This is money out of that family's pocket Romney If Obamacare is implemented fully It'll be another 2500 on top You've seen health insurance premiums, gone up Incomes go down Obama I said that we would make sure that insurance companies Can't jerk you around CHORUS: Skippy What you gonna do? Romney We should make sure that our legal system works Crowley Oh, what you gonna do? Obama Go after gang bangers we're gonna get it done In a second term Skippy Oh, what you gonna do? Obama Take the money we've been spending on war Romney More drilling Obama Double our exports Skippy Who's gonna work it out, baby, who's gonna work it out? Chad Since I got out of college, I've been living in my mom's basement How are you gonna get me a job before she goes totally apestuff? Who's gonna work it out, baby Who's gonna work it out? Romney I want <b>…</b>