As a grassroots campaign, Abt For Assembly does not have the funds to afford advertising on television and radio.

However, what we do have is the support of many people throughout the 147th District and beyond —respected business people, community activists, family and friends—all who beileve in me and my campaign.

Over these last three weeks leading to election day, I will be sharing videos produced by master videographer (and my friend) Marc Odien, that will showcase  the voices and support of some of the many who believe in my candidacy and want to help spread the word.  Today I am honored to have Lori Adams speak about our time together, serving on the Clarence Flight 3407 Memorial Committee.  Lori is an amazing community volunteer who never fails to reach out in time of anyone’s need.  Her words are deeply meaningful, as was our work on the Flight 3407 Memorial.

Please take a moment to watch these videos….and then help by sharing them…on your blog, FB, Twitter….where ever and however you can.  It’s the way we are working our way to a Nov. 6th victory and the way I will work in Albany…..All For All.