Mike Tracz : Bills 24, Titans 10.  Simply put: if the Bills are going to make the playoffs, they need to beat the teams that make their schedule such a soft one.  The Titans are one of those teams.  Keep the ball on the ground and out of Fitzpatrick's error-prone hands, don't let Chris Johnson remember who he was three years ago, and this one should be in the bag.

Chris: 24-20, Bills- While the Bills have gotten to 3-3 in a far different manner that the Patriots have, they're starting to see some of the softer portions of their schedule appear. Prior to the season, many liked the Bills chances simply because of their favorable schedule. While teams have evolved and certain matchups aren't looking as favorable as they did in August, this week has maintained. Despite the looming threat of Chris Johnson, the Titans are indeed a good matchup for the Bills. Their defense is very average and they aren't too scary offensively. The only threat is their long week of rest after beating Pittsburgh last Thursday. If the Bills establish the run early and get an adequate defensive game, they come away with a victory.

Brandon: Bills 29, Titans 23- Does anyone else get the feeling Ryan Fitzpatrick will shock the football world Sunday with a monster performance? No? Me neither. But I do have a little renewed faith in Fitz and the Bills passing attack moving into a game against one of the league's worst pass defenses. I know, I know. Last week it looked like Trent Edwards was under center carrying out Dick Jauron play calls, but my fantasy team could use a nice output from the Bills offense this week. This was a close one, but I'm going to give the Bills the edge simply because they're at home coming off a big win.

Fake Darcy- Titans, 10-6: The Bills will be on their heels all game because Goose will own the face-off dot.

Alex Jank: 24-21, Bills- Buffalo's D can take a real step forward if it can contain the Player Formerly Known As CJ2K.

Alex Beilman: Bills 21, Titans 14Nothing overly exciting. Bills win because, well, its the Titans. We're not THAT terrible, as shown by the game last week.

Frank: 13-9, Bills- It was an ugly one, but the Arizona game should boost their confidence a bit. Back home and playing against a rocky-at-best Titans team gives Buffalo a solid chance to have a winning record heading into the bye. Fitzpatrick needs to manage the game better, and get the ball out quicker.

Jason G: 20-17, Bills-  They have no choice.  They ain't beating Houston or New England.  Last chance to win before the Thursday nighter against Miami (Do we take prop bets that that game will be lowest rated TNF game of the season? Yechhh.).  Matt Hasselbeck is old.  Go get him & don't let Chris Johnson go nuts.

Aaron: 20-17, Bills- All week I've been hearing about the Music City Miracle. It's like sticking a dagger through my heart all over again. Let's talk about the present now. Don't let last week fool you. This is still a matchup between two mediocre teams — one with a has-been quarterback, and the other with a never-been. Shouldn't be too tough to differentiate the two. Both teams should be able to run the ball fairly successfully, so this game will come down to which qb outperforms proves their label wrong — if only for a week. I give the never-been the edge, playing at home.

Michael Necci: Bills 22 Titans 21 –  I suggest you start Chris Johnson in Fantasy if you have him. In the battle of mediocre QB's, I think the Bills will have JUST enough to beat Tennessee. Seeing how the Bills defense responds will be key, because the Titan's offensive line is better than the tire fire the Bills defense faced last week. CJ Spiller is averaging 7.6 yards everytime he runs the ball this season. 7.6. SEVEN POINT SIX YARDS PER CARRY. Yet, he has only 60 rushing attempts. CHAN GAILEY EVERYONE! CJ needs to start getting 20+ carries a game. The Fred Jackson era is done. CJ needs to be the feature back here, this 50/50 nonsense isn't helping anyone. Let CJ get into the flow and watch him do things. His touchdown last week vs Arizona was a thing of beauty. Anyways, with a Bills win here, they move to 4-3 going into the bye and right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. A team with 3 losses by a total of 86 points will be in the thick of the playoffs? The AFC is awful.

Joe:26-17, Bills- I actually see the Bills snapping out of their offensive funk. This is what they do best, beat down bad football teams. The Titans are bad. They ranked near the bottom in every defensive category. I know the Titans beat the Bills last year, but the Bills almost had 400 yards in total offense and would have had another TD if it weren't for the dubious holding call on the fullback that nullified a long CJ Spiller TD. Even Fitzpatrick played alright, passing for 286 yards and 1TD and no picks. I just think the Titans are the same team while the Bills have improved from last year's game. I mean, can you name 5 Tennessee players? No. They just aren't that good. However, I'm sure some blogger in Tennessee is saying the same thing about us. Hooray for mediocrity in the NFL!