by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

This is the $64,000 question. It appears that 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt is definitely in critical condition at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, LA. She is suffering from third degree burns over most of her body. Her car was marked with racial epithets including KKK. It happened in a public park in Winnsboro, LA in October 2012. Members of the KKK are suspects.

Tawana Brawley immediately came to my mind. After being missing for four days, Tawana was found semi-conscious with feces smeared over her body and racial epithets written on her body. She would accuse Henry Crist, Jr., a police officer, among a group of six white men. I would sniff out Crist’s friend, Steven Pagones, an assistant district attorney in Dutchess County whose family is influential in local politics.

A massive, state-sponsored cover-up would occur. New York said that Harry Crist, Jr. had committed “suicide” but refused to publicize his autopsy report until it was made to do so a decade later. A medical examiner had classified his death as a homicide. In the interim, New York disbarred me for fingering a white man and stating, in 1987, that Crist’s death was a homicide while it was suppressing the autopsy report.

There have been very few Black lawyers who have implicated a white man in a crime much less send him to prison. When It has happened, the Black community has always run for the tall grass. This also happened on the plantation. Fear replaces right and wrong. Judges should be wearing white robes.

When it has happened, the punishment against the Black lawyer has also been swift and certain. Some Black lawyers were lynched and others had to flee the jurisdiction. This amounts to a gag rule on all Blacks as it did happen in Tawana Brawley. Blacks got behind Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights advocate and a slave law practitioner. Today, he will entertain no questions about Tawana Brawley.

Without any scientific proof, local authorities in Winnsboro, LA are now claiming that Moffitt did it to herself. The Black press is running with it. She has made no admissions to that effect. Reportedly, there were no eyewitnesses to the burning. There is not only a presumption against suicide but there is also a presumption against a person inflicting third degree burns on herself or himself. This has exonerated the Ku Klux Klan.

Censorship seems to have already taken effect in Winnsboro. If anyone obtains any information about Moffitt, I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. History has already proven that most Black men will run for the tall grass rather than to implicate a white man in a crime. it was illegal during slavery. It is still illegal.

The case against George Zimmerman for the cold-blooded murder of Trayvon Martin is going up in smoke. He is quietly chipping away at the indictment while Blacks are putting their heads in the ground. Earlier, I had stated that Blacks must draft a legal strategy against Zimmerman. This was in May 2012. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Now, we are failing Trayvon Martin.

This is a white man’s courtroom and any Black attorney with a legal education must submit to a court officer with a high school diploma. When I started the criminal practice of law, Black lawyers had to sit behind white lawyers in New York and the court officers would call the cases of white lawyers first.

New York had not been told that it was illegal to practice segregation in its courtrooms. This was the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in a Virginia case in 1966. The U.S. Supreme Court should have never allowed for segregation to be practiced in courtrooms. At the very least, this decision should have been promulgated before Brown v . Bd. of Ed.

I paid a price for ending segregation in New York courtrooms. My trouble started in the 1970′s fighting Jim Crow in courtrooms. In 1991, a blue-ribbon commission found that New York’s judicial system is “infested with racism”. This conclusion resulted from my earlier complaint against New York.

Before the blue-ribbon commission rendered its decision, the New York Legislature insisted that I should be disbarred. It was of no moment that no complaint from a client was in the hopper. I had also not been convicted of a crime. These are the grounds for attorneys to be disciplined. The disbarment against me was based on a bill of pains and penalties from white members of the New York Legislature.

Free speech nor free press for Blacks is permitted in New York. “Free press” died with the demise of the City Sun and the death of Bill Tatum, publisher of the New York Amsterdam News. Now, the Madison Avenue Initiative regulates all information to the Black community. This is censorship but no one is complaining. These are the words of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad: “Blacks are deaf, dumb and blind”.

Not only is there an absence of Black journalists in New York but there is also an absence of competent and zealous Black lawyers. A natural rights attorney is out of the question and Black civil rights lawyers are engaged in apprenticeships. I was told in the 1970′s that if I did not get a “rabbi” I would have to find another way to make a living in New York. Dependency is not freedom. I am seeking freedom.

In order to “combat” white vigilantism, you need to be able to engage in “political speech”, enjoy a “free press” and retain a” natural rights” attorney. It looks gloomy for Sharmeka Moffitt. The best scenario is for me to put on another hat and journey to Winnsboro, LA. “Freedom is not free”, however. You must pay a price.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please sign his Petition to save “Like It Is.” Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471