Shooter Enters Chapel at Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International and Kills Fellow Member!









by Alberta Parish


Shooter Floyd Palmer-cs

This morning (10/24), a 52-year-old male entered the chapel at World Changers Church International in College Park, shot and killed a fellow member who was leading a prayer service, and calmly left the church, according to eyewitnesses. The shooting suspect, a former employee at the megachurch, was later arrested at Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead. The victim, 39, died after being transported to South Fulton Hospital.

This attack is the latest string of murders committed by so-called religious folk, which leads me to ask where was god when one of his own was being gunned down while praying? According to believers, if god is in control, then why couldn’t he control the gunman? God couldn’t control anything, because G-o-d was invented just like religion. In fact, the etymology for the word ‘god’ derives from the word el. El was a Canaanite deity, and was the husband to the goddess Asherah. According to the Ugaritic texts, Yahweh was one of the sons of El (also known as the father of humanity). When you look at the ancient carvings of El, you see a black man wearing the royal headdress of a pharaoh. This means the Canaanites worshiped an ancient Egyptian pharaoh as a deity!

G-o-d is plainly another word for el. Elohim is the plural noun for gods. The biblical G-o-d concept is a false representation by the ancient Greeks in their effort to interpret what was really the worship of African kings and queens. Because the Greeks did not understand African languages, customs and spirituality, they gave us their false version of who god is while not really knowing that the god was the king. The Africans had many gods/goddesses, which were the elders, chiefs, kings and queens, (i.e. those with high social standing). In addition, the word god comes from the Germanic word gad. God was not even a word in ancient African languages. Gad was also known as the god of fortune, and a reference to this deity can be found in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 65 and verse 11. The word gad when translated into Hebrew means fortune. The English Revised Version for Isaiah 65:11 reads, “But ye that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for Fortune, and that fill up mingled wine unto Destiny.” In addition, the Darby Bible Translation that references Gad in Isaiah 65:11 reads, “But ye who forsake Jehovah, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad, and fill up mixed wine unto Meni.” Meni was known as the god of destiny. The King James Bible makes no mention of Gad and Meni, which means the plagiarizers that were drafting the King James Bible (published in 1611) purposely changed the original meaning of Isaiah 65:11 to exclude Gad and Meni from biblical texts.


All religion is based on fraud. People say that we need holy books as a moral guide for which to conduct ourselves. If the bible is the moral code for humanity to live by, then why is there more crime being committed by people who claim a belief in a supernatural or superhuman deity such as the biblical Christ even if they don’t necessarily identify themselves as Christians. As an atheist, I see religion as a detriment to humanity and must be abolished for the advancement of humanity. But is it already too late for the entire human species to cast off all religious ideologies and save ourselves from religious mind control? Will religion be the ultimate demise of modern humanity?

For thousands of years, governments have used religion to control the masses and keep us divided culturally. The word religion comes from the Latin religio, which means to bind. Religion is cultural practice, which binds practitioners to a set of principles based on blind belief in a supernatural being whom they believe to be the creator-deity. In other words, practitioners of religious faith are in bondage to the G-o-d concept, which was invented by the Europeans in their attempt to explain who god is. In their primitive minds, the Greeks saw the statues of African kings and queens and thought them to be gods. Before the Greek god Zeus was Europeanized, he was jet black. The Greek goddess Isis was a later representation of Queen Aset, the wife of Asar who were among the earliest rulers of Kemet (i.e. Black Egypt). European academia taught us that Asar, Aset and Heru were mythological characters worshiped as deities.

African queens and kings were worshiped as living divine rulers, and the ancient Greeks after conquering Africa did colonize its spiritual system. The Greeks turned the African gods and goddesses into European versions of themselves, and gave us the Europeanized Christ that millions of ignorant Christians still worship to this same day. In fact, the biblical Christ never historically existed. He only became a personal superhuman deity in 325 CE at the Council of Nicaea when the Roman Emperor Constantine had merged the Druid god Hesus with the Eastern-savior deity known as Krishna. Thus, Hesus Krishna became the new Roman god for the Christian indoctrination program. Jesus is no more than the latest version of Zeus, Serapis, Mithras, Krishna, Caesar and Horus! Indeed, Julius Caesar was among the gods that the council members gathered in Nicaea to decide who among them would be the new Roman god of Christianity.

When talking about my views on spirituality and religion, sometimes I get much opposition from people who claim to be Christians. They seem to exude much hatred toward people like myself who have views differing from religious indoctrination. From what I’ve seen growing up around religious fanatics here in Atlanta, many Christians hate when people have views that are outside of religious beliefs. Because Christians live in the world of make-believe and fantasy, anybody opposing their fairy tales is a threat. From talking to bible-thumping believers, I get the sense that they truly see atheists as people without a moral code. They believe because atheists no longer subscribe to religious dogma and the G-o-d concept, we have nothing to govern our behavior and to keep us from deciding to do our own thing. According to many brainwashed Christians, there are no moral codes (i.e. religious morals) to stop an atheist from committing murder. As an atheist, my Christian mother knows that I’m incapable of committing murder. My mother may not like the fact that I’m an atheist, but she hasn’t rejected me. However, Christians like my mother are the exception.

Tonight, a Christian co-worker challenged me on the concept of morality. I told him that atheists have morals and values, and that I wouldn’t commit murder just because I’m an atheist. He said that because I don’t have a moral code to live by, what was to stop me from killing someone? My response was there are laws in place to govern us. It is a crime to murder someone, and I don’t want to spend my life in prison. I also told him that I wouldn’t commit murder because it’s wrong. Then, he asked what makes me determine that murder is wrong since I don’t believe we need holy books to govern our behavior? I told him that morality came before religion. Even as an atheist, I have morals and values. He asked me what was the difference between government laws and the bible since both were written by men? I said the bible condemns people for being gay or for having pre-marital sex. The bible also claims that all fornicators and liars will have their part in the lake of fire (Hell). I told him that the bible is a bunch of fairy tales to control people. When he first asked me what is morality? I said that it is morals and values; knowing right from wrong. But my answer wasn’t good enough for him. Here’s a better definition of morality. It is a code of conduct or set of principles by which a person is governed. I also told him about the Code of Hammurabi existing before the Mosaic Law.


Hammurabi’s Code consisted of 282 laws, which formed the basis for ancient Babylon’s legal system. The sixth king of Babylon, Hammurai had written the laws by which his nation would be governed on clay tablets in the 18th Century BCE. There are similarities between Hammurabi’s Code and the Mosaic Law. According to scholars, the biblical Moses lived approximately three centuries after the reign of Hammurabi from 1792 to 1750 BCE. However, Moses never existed historically. In fact, the character Moses is based on King Sargon who reigned in the 23rd Century BCE  ruling much of Mesopotamia, and also parts of modern-day Syria, Asia Minor and Iran. In addition, Moses’ concept of monotheism came from Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Biblical writers had taken ancient stories and re-twisted them for their own agendas. Biblical plagiarizers had taken what was previously written by Hammurabi to invent the Mosaic Law. The biblical Hebrew account was also invented just like the story of Jesus (in the Four Gospels). The bible is a book of fairy tales as well as plagiarized tales. Genesis chapter 1 makes no sense at all, but yet millions of people blindly believe that the world was made in six days. According to Genesis 1:1, God created the heaven and the earth. However, the original translation for god is elohim (el). Thus, Genesis 1:1 should read, “In the beginning, the elohim created the heaven and the earth.” Elohim means gods, goddesses, divine beings, deities, etc.

The biblical G-o-d was invented and is a figment of man’s imagination! There is no supernatural or superhuman deity watching over humanity and guiding us. No G-o-d ever gave humanity morality. Good and evil are innate within us. There is no HOLY SPIRIT giving us morality, because this too was invented! There is no biblical Heaven and Hell, because these places were invented by the Europeans. Your Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth!


It is hilarious that so-called Christians believe that atheists lack morality when every time I hear about murders being committed, the suspect is usually someone who believes in a supernatural deity whether it is Allah, Jehovah or Jesus, and are often religious practitioners. A 14-year-old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by a member of the Taliban for advocating the right for girls to be educated. A 22-year-old Afghan woman was beheaded for refusing to prostitute herself. Last year, another woman was beheaded for witchcraft and sorcery. Public executions of individuals accused of blasphemy, adultery, witchcraft, etc. are a regular occurrence in the Muslim world. Two weeks ago, there was a shooting that occurred in an Atlanta church. Religious people are committing far more crimes than atheists. My theory on why religious people become mass murderers is simple: All religion promulgates hatred, discrimination, sexism, slavery and abuse.

Under Islamic law, as a citizen living in Afghanistan, if I spoke out against Islam, Muhammad or Allah, I could be beheaded. This is not only hatred but religious intolerance. There is no freedom of speech and of religious/non-religious expression in many parts of the world. In America, we do have some freedom of speech but even that is being threatened by the U.S. Government and by corporate slaveowners.

Christians no longer behead people as heretics like they once did in Britain. However, Christians on the job seek to silence non-believers while at the same time claiming cultural diversity. They are such hypocrites. These same corporate executives create work rules that restrict employees from making comments to others about religious beliefs by placing this under the banner of religious discrimination. Employers will reprimand workers based on their oral and/or written communication regarding religious or non-religious opinions expressed, if you were on company time. In fact, you’re a slave to the “Corporation” from the time you clock in until the time you clock out, which means they expect you to follow a thousand rules or lose your job. This is why you must have different options, which means having different ways of earning income. No J.O.B. is secure, especially if the management is predominantly African American and you work at a slave-driving company.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.