Sometimes I wish there was a way we could get our memories erased when it comes to the Bills over the last 12 years. I think the biggest problems when it comes to evaluating the team is based on what we have endured over this era of losing football. We had a game we loved during the 90s reduced to a comedy of errors. We are desperate. I'm desperate. So are the Bills. I think we've forgotten what real football looks like. I don't care if I sound negative and defeated right now. The proof is in the stinking pudding.

Sure, you could find a some silver linings, but the problem I have is there are always silver linings that turn out to be fake, hence the reason we need our brains erased. "Oh, Trent had a 7-5 record in 2008 when he finished a game. Wait until he's healthy and has TO in 2009. Our defense has played well the first three games of 2009 against the Saints, Pats and Bucs. We are a McKelvin fumble away from being 2-1. Drew Bledsoe finished the 2002 season poorly, but we have a stacked defense now."

Every damn year you can find a silver lining. Has a silver lining ever paid off? Sorry, but if you go with your bitter gut over the years, you win…or lose.

In Buddy we trust….

Yes we Chan…

Did you know since the start of 2010 season, the Bills have the 3rd fewest wins in the NFL? Yup, 12 wins and only the Browns and Rams trail them by 1 and 3 wins respectively. I wonder if those teams have any slogans dedicated to their GMs and coaches? It is easy to make the comparison of Nix and Gailey to their predecessors because the likes of Jauron and Donahoe were terrible, but what about the rest of the NFL?

It gets so frustrating to believe the Bills are close only to have the rug pulled right from under us.  It becomes a yearly tradition. I tend to think we are so closed minded that we don't notice the facts when it comes to these coaches.

Maybe we should have stuck to our WTF rhetoric when the Bills hired Chan Gailey. Find me an NFL Head coach that has been fired from 3 coaching jobs since 1999. Oh, I did. Just look over to the stache in the press box calling the defensive signals. He's been fired from his last three jobs. How about the special teams coach who didn't like the way Brian Moorman punted? Oh, he was released from his last three gigs.

The 4th time is a charm for these guys?

Gailey is 60 years old, making him the 3rd oldest coach in the league. Dave Wannstedt is the same age. Sorry to be harsh, but Gailey has been a proven failure at this level. Tom Coughlin and Pete Carroll are older, but they had success in Jacksonville and USC respectively. Where has Gailey's success been? It's mediocrity at its finest.

This is a young man's game.

If it doesn't hit you by the time you turn 55, I don't think it ever will.   No one knew who Mike McCarthy was before he tutored Aaron Rodgers to become a household name. Same goes for Sean Payton. Mike Tomlin. List goes on and on. There's a reason why Brian Billick and Marty Schottenheimer aren't in the league anymore. It is because they are old and past their coaching primes. Their messages became dated. Their schemes were repetitive.

Where are the up and coming assistants on this team? Maybe this organization needs some  youth. Enough with the senior circuit.

We hire retreads and then make them out to be something they are not. Again, 12-24 record. 4-22 Against the AFC East the last 5 years. Dick Jauron and Gregg Williams won more games during their first 36 games as coach. Jauron at least swept the Jets and Miami.  I'm giving Jauron a compliment? UGH!

Tell me again why I should believe? It is the age old question I seem to be asking every year now. Maybe we need to just stop asking when we already know the answer doesn't exist no matter how hard you try.