With just two days until election day, the line up of events, meetings, lawn sign deliveries and GOTV efforts/rallies seems endless—and all of it impossibly important to a victorious election night.  Perhaps that’s why a trip to St. Cecelia’s Church in Sheldon was such a welcome break in my candidate’s schedule. 

My journey to the vintage church started out as a pancake breakfast opportunity to meet St. Cecelia’s parishioners.  However, even before the pancakes, St. Cecelia’s and I were connected through my aunt  and uncle, Dororthy and Gerard George.

Growing up, I often spent summers on my aunt and uncle’s dairy farm set on Route 20 A.  Sunday mornings were always reserved for a trip to St. Cecelia’s for mass.  I can still recall my youthful amazement at the gracious stone facade, the stained glass windows and the expansively muraled interior. Those memories are what inspired me to want to attend mass today, after pancakes, in this classic house of worship.

As the service came to the midpoint, Prayers of the Faithful were read.  The intentions followed the traditional requests for blessings on individuals and groups, but about halfway through the lector read a prayer that I found particularly meaningful….

“For those who will be entrusted with civic responsibility in this week’s election: May our leaders be people of integrity, compassionate and trustworthy, attuned to justice, committed to peace and eager to serve the common good.”

….and to which I clearly responded, “AMEN!”