Well, it happened.

After a week of saying that I wouldn't drink anymore because I spent a ton of money last week on booze and other things, I fell off the wagon during today's game. Yes, the Bills drove me to drink. Alright, they weren't completely responsible for the five Bloody Marys, but I needed some sort of extra kick to make it through the game. Hell, at some points, I wondered if media members might be in need of a nice drink because this is a recording in terms of talking points.

Today felt like a classic Dick Jauron game.

They played close when the stats said they shouldn't have been in it. Yet, some strange play-calling (38 passes to 12 runs) made us wonder if we have an NFL caliber head coach. Again. So what do we write or talk about? Mario's refrigerator, whether he should have had surgery earlier, or if the crappy passing game is on Fitz or the WRs? Hey, tune into WGR or TBN to hear those debates. Hooray! Pass me another Bloody Mary.

Everything that should be written about this game has been written before. It is the same crap. Stagnation. Groundhog Day. It is all the same thing.

We have been talking about the QB play since 2000. The coaching stinks is the same storyline since 2000. The owner only hires his buddies has been a storyline since 2000. The losing on the road is the same storyline since 2000. Do you get the point? We always end up debating the same things and we always finish exactly where we started. 2002 becomes 2005. 2005 becomes 2007. 2009 becomes 2012. It gets olds. 

Wanna know something groundbreaking today that no one will probably pick up on?

18 months ago, the Texans were exactly where the Bills are today. They were a team that had gone 8 years without making the playoffs. For a good 5-6 year stretch, they seemed to constantly finish at 7-9 just like we have. Did they have to bottom out to become a playoff team like some always say the Bills should do? Nope.

They stuck with it and got low round picks like Schaub, Foster, and Watt. They just had a plan and found decent players and coaches. Now they are a top 3 team in the AFC. You could say the same thing about the 49ers who also were on a long playoff drought.

In other words, you don't need some sort of magic potion to turn things around. No need to bottom out. You just need capable people, people who know how to put a winner on the field. The Bills haven't had that in 13 years. Unfortunately, this is also a talking point we have gone over too many times over the years. Just take out your old column or blog from the 2000s, replace a name or two, and it is the same mindless drivel. 

Man, just pass me another Bloody Mary and maybe I can eventually find the inspiration to debate the merits of coaching changes and appliances in lockers.  It  gets old. No wonder journalists are typecast as drinkers. I would be too if I had to find a new angle to examine every week. The only difference is that I actually care about this stupid team. Alas, I'm getting to the point of not caring as much.