Disgraced Councilmember Brian Davis did an exit interview with channel 2 yesterday. According to Davis, the $48,000 (that we know of) of taxpayer dollars that he has admitted to stealing was part of a series of misunderstandings. The result of sloppy bookkeeping

He is in a federal prison because he admitted to stealing $48,000
dollars in public funds while he was an elected official. The FBI
stumbled upon Davis while looking into One Sunset, a failed Buffalo

Why did Davis steal? He said, “I got very sloppy with record keeping,
keeping on top of things, receipts, invoices and expenditures and all
those other things and in the midst of that, finding the very easy way
of getting these events done, I did deposit funds into my own bank
Events for senior citizens and families in his district. 

On the bright side, Davis is optimistic (and he should be) about his political future in Buffalo once he gets out of jail…

After he is released from prison next year, Davis said “there is a
future. The future will be brighter. I’m going to go and do my time, I’m
going to come back with more energy than I had as Ellicott district

I believe this. After mingling with other crooks and learning new tricks in the pen, I can see Davis coming  back to Buffalo and stealing government money with more energy and vigor than ever before.