In working through last night’s election results,  I have been pondering the true meaning of the word, “lose.”  

Searching for guidance, I turned to my trusted friend in times of such need….the dictionary.  There I found  terms lthat helped me to evaluate my candidacy, clarify the election and focus on my future. .  

1) No longer having something:  So… I no longer have the life plan of serving as the 147th NYS Assemblywoman for the next two years. However, I do now have the value of the last six months of my campaign—meeting an amazing collective of people from across the district—learning about their lives—experiencing the wide ranging ways in which they live, work and play in their communities.  This education, in turn, has made me a better person and a more astutely aware member of the community.

2) Having less than before:  No doubt, at this moment, my life plan has less than it offered before yesterday’s election loss..  Yet there is also a new wealth in my world, in the form of a  stronger self confidence in my abiilities, a renewed commitment to kindness and honesty as the foundation of my characterand a wonderful new perspective about my family and our well as an alliance of new friemds who have already changed my life for the better.

3) Failure to win race.:  Ok, there’s no way to re=intrepret this one.  I lost.!!  But within the lesson of my election loss is the satisfaction of having tried, given my best, stayed true to my lifelong dedication to my community and furthered a legacy for my children and grandchilldren to witness and follow.

No doubt I will ponder my Abt For Assembly experience for days and weeks to come, but no matter my reflections, one thing I know to be true.  Running for the NYS Aseembly was one of the greatest experiences of my life and no definition of, “lose” will ever change that fact.