by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills come out of their bye week with the awesome task of two straight road games against two of the top teams in the AFC. The Bills enter this game wondering if they can finally play that one complete game that has eluded them since the Kansas City game.

First of all the Bills on field issues start with the inability of the coaches to develop game plans that best utilize the talent that they have. The reason I say this is because we continue to see the team lose games in a manner that does not reflect the level of talent on this team. There is no question that we can underestimate the amount of talent on this year’s team as compared to the past when the Bills were just not able to compete.

Defensively this year has been a major disappointment because of the off season moves the Bills made to improve this unit on paper. Unfortunately the unit has failed to live up to their pre-season billing of being one of the more improved units in the NFL has just not materialized so far this season.

The offense of the Bills just has not been able to perform at a consistent level all season. The largest glaring problem with this unit begins with a limited starting quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick. Our so called franchise quarterback can’t throw the down and out, or the long ball. The teams that we are playing literally dare us to throw a long ball knowing the scouting report states this guy can’t throw. Many of us in the media are wondering how long can a team survive in this league without the threat of being able to go down field?

The coaches of the Buffalo Bills have struggled mightily this season by not being able to get a complete game out of this team that many predicted to compete for a play off spot in the AFC. The question remains that can they turn this around in time for the Bills to make a move in the division, and conference before it’s too late?

Downtown Stadium Update

The Greater Sports and Entertainment Complex LLC proposal for a new complex on the outer Harbor is one of the most environmental friendly plans of the modern era. The entire project is a green space proposal with emphasis on preserving the natural advantages of this proposed space. The architects that have designed this complex are one of the best in the world with a long relationship with the NFL. In fact there last three stadiums have been awarded Super Bowls within three years after completion… The last being Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana which grossed more than 642 Million dollars that week in economic regional income.

Probably the greatest impact of this proposal is how it will bring such a diverse year round set of attractions with a convention center, museum of sports interactive play by the Strong Museum, retail shops, hotel, and we will soon begin imitating discussions to see if the Greater WNY Sports, Music, and Broadcasting Hall of Fames would like to be part of this historic proposal that will change the landscape of our region. Certainly with the changing landscape of sports and the rise of sports like soccer this facility becomes a world class international attraction of opportunity for the region of Western New York .

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