“Pardon me, but can you help out a fellow American who’s down on his luck?”

As America is once again doomed to fall off the precarious and somewhat mythical “FISCAL CLIFF”, we see that some of the “makers” in business and finance support cutting entitlement spending, such as douchebag Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. The message of the wealthy and powerful, besides that striking Walmart workers could jeopardize your ability to buy $1.99 tube-socks (low paid foreign-y wage slaves dying en masse in padlocked factories may also add to costs) is that for the poor and middle class: the free lunch is over.

But the Congressional Budget Office begs to differ. They say that extending unemployment benefits could save up to 300,000 jobs by the end of 2013, that is, if Congress acts to save them and extend the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program and the Extended Benefits program. Of course, Congress taking action on anything is laughable. But President Obama does have one last “free gift” to give: a free lunch to an unemployed man: Mitt Romney…

Later today, the President is expected to have Willard Mitt Romney over to the White House for an informal lunch where Mitt is expected to dine on crow and ashes, served with a hot cup of STFU.

Unless Mitt covers his expenses for this lunch, it just goes to show that this man is a moocher who is sucking the teet of big government: a “taker” that would make Paul Ryan recoil at and serve as a prime example of what Michele Bachmann was trying to say:

“People who pay nothing can easily forget the idea that there is no such thing as a free lunch” (source)

This vagabond multi-millionaire should pull himself up by his own bootstraps, and not look to Obama for help. Rather, he should get a job. I hear he’s good at pumping gas.