I have entered the phase of election campaiging known as Get Out The Vote (GOTV.)  It’s the tail end of a campaign when the focus and pace change.but the intensity kicks into “buckle your seat belt ” mania.

Everyone warned me to expect the political rhetoric to increase and the demands on my time to become unmanagable.  But what none of us anticipated was the appearance of Sandy.

Suddenly the intensity and focus of every election campaign has shifted to the tragedies that continue to unfold across the states of New York and New Jersey.  Suddenly the important government issues have become how we address our changing weather patterns, fund emergency rescue operations and help the thousands who have lost their homes, their family members and all context of their lives.

Suddenly the AFA, “All For All,” ideal is becoming reality as people from all political parties ignore their usually divisive boundaries in the name of the greater good.

Now, if we could just find ways to build on this unity and continue to move forward, this particular GOTV might be one of the most meaningful in recent history