Julia Burke is applauded after finishing the a marathon in Delaware Park on Sunday. (Charles Lewis / Buffalo News)

 Photo by Charles Lewis/Buffalo News

Julia Burke of Buffalo is the latest inductee to the Blogger’s Hall of Fame. Burke, who was supposed to run in the cancelled New York City Marathon, encouraged others to run with her on Sunday in Delaware Park. All donations going to the victims of the storm…

Some 144 people joined Burke at various times during her approximately
4-1/2-hour run. Most did a few laps, but six ran the entire marathon
distance with Burke. Five of those six, like Burke, had planned to race
in the New York City marathon today prior to it being cancelled as New
York City continues dealing with the effects of last week’s storm.

I like it when someone does something different. She put herself out there, which is often a tough thing to do.  The easy thing would have been to sit on the couch and watch the Bills game. On second thought, those who did that yesterday probably suffered more than anyone affected by Frankenstorm Sandy.
Runner moves NYC marathon to Buffalo*