Here’s what New Jersey Senator Bob “Don’t call me Lyle” Menendez had to say in April about the secret service agents caught in the prostitution scandal in Columbia…

In April, Menendez called for the firing of the six US Secret Service
agents involved in a prostitution scandal in Colombia, saying, “If the
facts are true, they all should be fired.

“The reality is that the
Secret Service not only protects the president of the United States,
they represent the United States of America,” he said then, according to
a Washington Times video.

Fast forward to Tuesday, where Menendez was asked about his actions when he was out of the United States…

Two Dominican women are claiming that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob
Menendez paid them for sex earlier this year, it was reported early

Menendez, 58 — who’s up for re-election on Tuesday — agreed
to pay each woman $500 for sex acts at a posh resort in the Dominican
Republic — but they only got $100 each, according to the right-leaning
Web site Daily Caller. 

Unfortunately, these are the type of people we have representing us all over the country. Freaks.

Sexual claims against NJ pol –