Some notes collected while thinking about how much Bill Paxon loved Western New York…

-Voters in Kenmore should be embarrassed at reelecting Assemblyman Robin Schimminger to his 35th consecutive year in Albany. So much for temporary positions. I’m not saying Schimminger’s old, but he did serve as best man at Ralph Wilson’s older brother’s wedding.

-Congratulations to Stefan Mychajliw on winning the County Comptroller’s seat. He campaigned door to door extremely hard and really earned it. Paul Shenk and local Democrats certainly don’t have Brian Higgins or Tim “Hortons” Kennedy to thank. They did nothing to promote Shenk’s candidacy in what everyone knew was going to be a close race. How many Shenk lawn signs did you see in Democratic South Buffalo? Hortons might need support in a few years from Erie County Democrats. From what I hear, a number of people are lining up to knock him off Higgins’ lap. 

-Where the hell did that Japanese Congressional candidate come from? Nate Shinagawa looks like William Hung’s long lost brother.  
 Shinagawa almost defeated incumbent Tom Reed. You could tell he was really getting under Reed’s skin. I thought by the end of the campaign, Reed was going to put him on a plate and eat him.

-I agree with Chris Collins that Kathy Hochul’s Buffalo China ad cost her the election. Anyone could tell it was a mean spirited cheap shot from a woman claiming to be “above the fray”. Now, Kathy will be looking for a job in the private sector. Just kidding! Her and her ambulance-chasing husband love being on government payrolls, doing nothing. Public sector millionaires.

-Overheard at my polling place on Tuesday by one of the workers: “This is the first time Mickey Kearns was on the ballot and didn’t send us pastries and a large pizza. I guess now that he’s a big shot in Albany, he doesn’t need us anymore.” Not sure, but I have a feeling the comfort food was the Rooster’s doing. Reminds me of the old saying, “All politics is local.” When you take guys like the Rooster’s support for granted, it could come back to bite you. “The only thing tougher than getting to the top, is staying there.”

-If a politician is full of crap, the word gets around South Buffalo pretty quickly (see Tim Kennedy.) Eventually, people will judge the person by their character and results, and not fluff. When I think of Mickey Paladino, I think of this quote from Abraham Lincoln:  “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” We shall see.

-Go forth and sin no more.