Barack Obama sings the classic American anthem, "Born In The USA". A bonus election video by BaracksDubs creator Fadi Saleh for Maker Studios' PoliPop, YouTube's 1st entertainment & politics network. Subscribe for more: BUY A SHIRT! FOLLOW US WE LIKE YOU, TOO! Google+ Created and Edited by Fadi Saleh Beat created by Flynn Adam Additional editing by Pam Svatos PoliPop graphics by Logan Burdick Produced by Ken Furer, Will Keenan and Matt Cross WATCH MORE POLIPOP! SERIES.LY (Music & Comedy) JOHN FUGELSANG'S "Caffeinated!" series BILL MAHER'S election playlist LIVE DEBATES THE POLIPOP NETWORK STARS! ABillyRock AdamKokesh Alphacat AmazingAtheist BadLipReading BaracksDubs CurbYourAmbition DrinkingWithBob Emergency Cheese Fabian4Liberty GlendaBeckk HealthyAddict How The World Works hughesDV JaclynGlenn JanHelfeld Juice Rap News LAUGHTONOTCRY Liberal Viewer MarkFiore MildlyRelevant OldFartRants PFTE1 SouthernAvenger StateOfDaniel SteveBerkeComedy Steven Crowder TeaPartyReport TheAntiPC <b>…</b>