by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I love being an “I told you so!” Especially when I am right on so many levels. But I have to say that I’m probably not the only one. There are obviously countless numbers of brothers and sisters out there who, like me, knew that President Barack Obama would be re-elected. There are millions of you out there who, in your minds, didn’t have to read the literature, the countless thousands of solicitations, the warnings about the possible closeness of the race and the possibility of President Barack Obama not winning. We knew we were going through an exercise, an American ritual, a necessary formality, to return President Obama for four more years as President of We, The People of these United States of America. So we went through the motions; and we kind of had fun doing it, too, because we loved talking about all the things President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden have accomplished over the last three and a half years, despite the fact that the previous president had left things in a shambles, and had broken every promise to us, while keeping his promises to his uber rich cronies.

We loved watching the rep-ugh-blican opposition go through so many changes trying to come up with a challenger worthy of our Champion, Barack Obama, the President of the United States (I know it’s redundant, but I like saying “Barack Obama, the President of the United States,” partly because I know it pisses Donald Trump off). It was like watching some sort of sit-com (- or situation comedy) – where the cast of characters are funnier and funnier, sillier and sillier, and more and more preposterous. They could have called it ‘The Challenging Obama Comedy Show,’ or simply, “NEXT?!” Because they were like more and more pathetic, and sad; and went thru the revolving door, right up to the point in the game where they stepped on the “foot in the mouth” square. And then the buzzer sounded, and the red lights went off, and a hole opened up in the floor, and down they went. “Next?” for next bogus contender who thinks they can take the President, Barack Obama, on. We knew, when they finally selected Romney, that it was an act of desperation. It was an effort in futility. But they had to have somebody who would go up against President Obama. There was no way they were going to let him be re-elected unopposed. Although, when you think about it, he really did run unopposed. It was clear from the beginning that the Mitt-twit was no match. When you think of all the money Rove, Koch, Murdock, and the rest of these greedy, self serving miscreants spent to try to give Romney a personality; some character, some humanity, they could have just as easily given it to President Obama and said “Look, we got all this money we don’t know what to do with; why don’t you just take it and apply it to the budget as an apology from us for all the crap President Bush left you to clean up. Use it to save homes or lives or something.” It would have been better spent. Of course they would never do that.That’s too much like right, But I would have been better than the way they wasted it backing the Mitt-Twit and Lyin’ Ryan. But the charade had to be played out, and the Rep-ugh-blicans had to perpetrate hoax after hoax, lie after lie, and dirty trick after trick in order to come even close enough in the polls to make a showing.

Election night, I deliberately waited until 7:00 pm, because I wanted to see how the turn out was – and yes, in New York, we still had lines- four deep waiting to vote I hit a couple of “watch parties” in Brooklyn. When I got on the buses in Bed-Stuy and Flatbush, I saw so many brothers and sisters with that look of “I voted for Obama” in their eyes. They had their “game” faces on. One of my Caribbean Sisters said, “Oh they say Obama’s losing votes.” And I said, “No, my Sister. You can;t believe them. Just visualize that for every vote we cast here in New York is multiplied by 1000 in the US.” So she said, “I’ve been praying for him.” And several other brothers and sisters on the bus nodded in agreement, that they too had been praying. So I responded, “And because we’ve all been praying from the day he walked into the White House, he’s going to win again, big time.” At a quarter to nine in the evening, there were still long lines of people in Brooklyn, braving the cold, waiting to vote. Most didn’t go to a watch party after the polls closed, most went home and prayed, held their breath, and hoped their Champion would emerge victorious, in what had to be one of the most acrimonious battles in history for the highest seat in all the land. I finally found a small party where you could actually see a big 100″ screen, and hear the commentaries from the press. The unfortunate thing about watch parties (or fortunate, depending on your preference) in the main, is that there is very little watching, and too much partying. And for me to say this, when “party” is my middle name, means that I take these things very seriously. As I was watching with fellow New Yorkers, it was interesting how many times the rep-ugh-blican oriented meanstream press kept having Freudian slips and saying “Romney” as president, instead of Obama.

It was these same reporters who, night after night, gave us distorted, propagandistic information, trying to make it look as if Romney actually had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Their veiled attempts at objectivity was a joke. It was so transparent that they had, on a personal level, probably supported Romney, because he had money; because the Koch brothers were spreading green around like horse manure; and because they had already been co-opted. But, no matter – every time they asked a banal question like, “How is President Obama going to rule in a country that is so obviously divided?” We all looked at each other and said – “Are they serious? He’s the president. There’s a constitution. Once he wins, the campaign is over, we all go back to being One Nation Under God.” There had better not be any recalcitrants once our man wins. How dare they ask such insipid questions.

I have to give kudos to Pennsylvania. They were the first Battleground state to go overwhelmingly for President Obama. You go, Philly! Yeadon, Upper Darby, West Chester, Swarthmore, and the rest of the state. You guys rock! You had those Obama signs in your front yards and in your windows in practically every neighborhood and store there was. It made me wonder why Pennsylvania was considered a “battle ground” state to begin with? Because, even though they have a rep-ugh-blican governor (which I’m sure they will be correcting soon), those people were solidly behind Obama. Kudos, also to Mayor Michael Nutter, who, at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, had already declared that Philly was a “lock”! And he was right. When the commentator began talking about the “must win” battleground states, I was pleased that Wisconsin went for the President, as did Ohio – you go Ohio – which put him safely over the top for more than the requisite 270 electoral votes need to seal the deal. That’s when the watch party exploded into overdrive! That’s when the streets of Brooklyn exploded. On the bus heading to the next party, at VuDu, I made everybody smile. “Congratulations! WE WON!” I shouted. “Nobody is allowed to frown or look upset for the rest of the evening. Everybody has to at least smile!” At that point the entire bus, included the bus operator started congratulating and hi-fiving each other. We talked about how we all prayed. How we wanted to make sure Romney didn’t get in. There were three little girls on the bus, aged three, five and eight, traveling with their mother. When I asked who was the President of the United States, they looked at me like “she’s kidding, right?” They looked at their mother for permission to respond, and then said, in unison, “Barack Obama!” after which they started giggling. “That’s right! Barack Obama is the president of the United States for four more years.”

Kudos to Chet Whye and Harlem 4 Obama, who worked tirelessly both in Harlem and in Philly. He, and his merry band of volunteers, held fundraisers, sponsored buses to Philly, made buttons, posters – you name it. And were still manning phone banks right up to the 9 o’clock hour, drumming up votes for Obama. But I really want to congratulate the all voters who were never really part of the game, who had already made up their minds from Day-One, and were just biding their time until election day, to do what they were always going to do – despite the debates; despite the NY Post and other racist rags; despite TV commercials for Romney – they are the real “I told you so’s” because they went out there, quietly waited on the long lines, voted for the President; went Home, made dinner, kissed their kids, their spouses, or their parents, and got ready to go to work the next day. Those were the 47% Romney chose to write off – and well he should – because they had most certainly already written him off, as well. So the charade parade is over. We remain the victors. The Rep-ugh-blicans now have to go back to the drawing board and see if they actually have any real human beings in their party, or are they all automatons, sycophants, and greedy ” & so’s”? We’ve got so much to look forward to. Regardless of what the meanstream media says, Obama has a mandate from the people to continue doing the good he was doing. Now, though, WE, THE PEOPLE realize that we have to be as much involved as he is in making it happen. We, the people, who are also parents, teachers, employees, employers, male, female, Black, white, Latino, Asian, etc. – all citizens – have to help President Obama make this America again. We must not return to our mundane little lives. We are now partners with the President. We are just as responsible for making sure his policies are followed as anybody else. We have to stay engaged, stay involved. Continue to go to the organizing meetings; continue to read the positive press, not the poison, meanstream press (remember we are BOYCOTTING THE NY POST!).

We have to make sure that when a program is presented, we stay on our elected officials to make sure it is implemented. WE are the partisan people, and all the good that Obama has done in the last 4 year has been for us. Let’s not think we can go home, close our doors, and not come out again until the next 4 years. Winning brings responsibility. What did we win? Our rights to have a world where we matter as much as the next guy, where our quality of life is put on the same level as the Wall Streeters, and the others who thought that we just statistics. We have won the right to put America – us – first. We have won the right to better schools, Obamacare, Big Bird; transparency in the policies. We have so much to do to make sure we don’t squander our winnings. It’s like hitting the lotto. You can spend it all in one shot, or you can take your winnings and invest it in some dreams, take care of some things you couldn’t have done before; help some family members, friends, the people in your neighborhood. We won! I totally felt like I had hit the jackpot. I was grinning from ear to ear. I told you so! I knew Obama was going to reclaim his seat. After the fifth – or was it the sixth? – champagne toast, I called it an evening, and returned to my humble abode to wait for President Obama’s acceptance speech. And as I did, I was reminded of something I had several occasions to write in my blog, that Mitt-twits need to learn – put it on a bumper sticker, a poster, or something: DOLLARS DON’T VOTE; PEOPLE DO! And WE, the People, voted, and we have spoken.

But, it’s also a cautionary tale for us, as well. We won the Presidency, yes. We even have a couple of new senators, including a Kennedy. {By the way Congratulations to Hakeem Jeffries, on being elected to Congress, and to Yvette Clarke, Charlie Rangel, Gregory Meeks, for returning to Congress} – but the cautionary tale going forward, is this: WE STILL DON’T HAVE A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, BECAUSE WE DID NOT COVER OUR BASE DURING THE 2010 MID-TERM; WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE IN 2014 WE CORRECT THAT. WE CAN NEVER, EVER, EVER RETURN TO THE BAD OLD DAYS OF VOTER APATHY. OUR VOTES COUNT – BIG TIME. WE still got a lot of work to do. But now we know we can do it, be cause we elected Barack Obama President of the United States: TWICE!! We did that – Black and white – as a united, unified body of Americans. We, the People re-elected Barack Obama. So that means that we all really do know how to play nice together, achieve common goals, and above all, not be swayed by the trickery, lies and deceit that have been the hallmark of the rep-ugh-blican party for the last 45 years. We now know that WE THE PEOPLE. united, can do anything! Congratulations to all my fellow Americans. Oh yes, see you at the inauguration!!!


bullet Columnist Gloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:”