Frank: 44-13, Houston- I can't even sprinkle any veiled optimism into this one, its going to be ugly. I'm thinking that last year's Dallas game and this year's Jets game will look similar. I can't see any facet of Buffalo's game that can top Houston and I fully expect the media (and blogosphere) to shit all over Mario when he doesn't leave this one with six sacks under his belt. Glad I'll be drinking my face off with the Deeg for this one.
Jason: 41-6, Texans- There must be a movie out, or a marathon of "No Reservations" on to watch instead of this looming disaster?  This has "Monday Night in Arrowhead Stadium" written all over it.

Mike Tracz: 38-17, Texans –I see no need for complex analysis here – Houston is quite simply better than the Bills in all phases of the game. I don't expect the Bills to be able to keep this close.
Aaron Garland: 37-14, Texans- If Chris Johnson ran for 195 yards against Buffalo, what will Arian Foster do for an encore against the grade A swiss cheese known as the Bills defense? 500 yards for the Houston offense is well within the realm Sunday. The old cliche goes, "Any Given Sunday." Though that may be true, don't count on this game even being close. When is the last time the Bills had a statement win on the road? You probably have to go back to the Flutie era to find one. If there is any shot at a W, they'll need to hold Foster to under 120 yards — which sadly constitutes as a win for the defense nowadays. They also need to force a couple turnovers and get several explosive plays out of Spiller. A good day for McKelvin returning kicks and punts would go a long way as well. The Bills need just about everything to go right to leave Houston at .500. And everything won't.
Fake Darcy: 11-5, Texans- Mario does get a hat-trick in his return to Houston, but it's three off-sides calls.

Alex Jank: ∞-21, Texans- That's right, infinity.

Brandon: 78-6,Texans- Don't make me have to explain why I think this way… Alright, fine. The Bills' rushing defense is on pace to finish third worst all time. The Texans have far and away the league's best running back. The Bills have Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is responsible for 11 turnovers in seven games. The Texans' defense has forced 13 turnovers, four for touchdowns. The Bills can't control the ball. The Texans lead the league in time of possession with an average time of 35:23 per game. The Bills are one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Texans are one of the best. This game has the chance to make that 45-3 loss to the 49ers a few weeks back look like a nail biter.

Chris: 31-10, Texans- I can't say I feel very good about this matchup. The Texans have a legitimate deep threat in Andre Johnson and while I am growing to be a fan of Stephon Gilmore, I wonder if he is going to be able to matchup on the Texans' burner. Not to mention that Arian Foster is probably looking at about 125 yards on the ground, if not more. Offensively, the Bills will be best suited to run the ball and run it some more. If the Bills can control the clock, they can dictate the outcome of this game. However, I think the Bills are outmatched in every aspect when facing the Texans. This could get ugly.
Michael Necci: 35-13, Texans – Here is my in depth analysis of this game: The Texans are really really good. The Bills are really really bad, again. I picked 35-13 because I wanted to keep the score somewhat close. Another Sunday wasted. Notre Dame is 8-0 though. So that makes me happy.
Joe: 41-24, Texans- Is anyone on planet Earth or Pluto picking the Bills? I think not. The Texans are more loaded than a "Friday's" baked potato. They may be the most balanced team in the AFC. They have a great RB, a more than serviceable QB, a top notch WR and a kick ass defense. We are doomed. I will say this, systematically speaking, the Bills' offense could cause fits for the Texans' 3-4 defense. Football 101 says that if you want to beat a 3-4 defense, you have to spread the field. From what I've read about the Texans, they have issues defending the spread attack. That's how Green Bay beat them into a pulp on Monday Night. Of course, we know that Buffalo is no where near Green Bay's attack. As for Buffalo's defense, if we only look at games on paper, the Bills front four would be a nice matchup against the Texans because of their newly constructed right side of the line. However, we've seen what the Bills' defense looks like off paper. I just see the Texans offense scoring a bunch of points and Schaub having a big day. I see them killing the Bills' secondary and attacking them between the hash marks. The Texans are really good when it comes to running bootlegs and rollouts, and since the Bills couldn't defend Alex Smith when he did those plays, how can they defend Houston's passing game which is more polished? Look for the Bills to get two garbage TDs late.