I hope you enjoy these. I picked out several of the more interesting ones and made them larger…

  • • A Springfield Drive female reported her children were
    playing in the house with improvised

    • A group of children were “performing death-defying acts
    in front of motorists” at Hanley Park.

    • A Halstead Avenue resident reported an intoxicated
    neighbor across the street walked over, took
    the children’s toys away, swore at the children and left.

    • An 85-year-old woman left her son’s home in Buffalo and
    drove in a reckless manner through
    West Seneca and Cheektowaga. She was found and stopped
    eventually by the Cheektowaga police
    and was returned safely to her home.

    • A Countryside Lane man reported that sometime overnight
    someone entered his unlocked vehicle
    and stole several bags of recently purchased school supplies
    totaling $198.77.

    • Two women got into a public fight and were throwing
    water bottles at each other in Orchard Park.

    • A Winterhall Road man reported finding his car covered in
    ketchup, toilet paper and an “unknown,
    light substance.”

    • Patrol responded to Main Street near Davidson Road at 2
    a.m. for a report of three teens lying in
    the middle of the road. The teens were advised.

    • Police responded to a Niagara Falls Boulevard pet business
    where an employee reported a $25 bill
    for dog grooming services was not paid.

    • An employee of a Main Street grocery store a man opened
    dozens of toothpaste boxes, put the
    tubes into a duffel bag and fled the store.

    • A Panama Lane resident reported garbage had been stolen
    from in front of the house for the
    fourth time in eight months.

    • Two sisters, ages 22 and 23, were having a loud argument
    over bacon in a Marne Road residence.

    • A road rage incident on Walden Avenue led to one
    motorist throwing a bag of ice at another’s

    • A Boston woman reported that she stopped to fill her tire
    at Stadium Mobil and, as she did, put
    her change purse on the top of her car. She then drove
    away, not realizing until hours later that she
    never retrieved the purse from the top of the car. In it were
    her wedding ring, necklace, earrings
    and cash totaling $4,160.

    • A Lakeview Avenue woman reported that she’s being
    repeatedly harassed by a tenant at her
    home. When she arrived home that day, the tenant was
    screaming at her and telling her that she
    was going to kill her. The tenant, a man, told her that her
    primary offense is that she walks too

    • Patrol responded to Oak Lane for a neighbor dispute. A
    female accused a male
    neighbor of damaging her lawn mower.

    • Patrol responded to the Clarence Inn Motel for a report of
    an intoxicated male who was sitting in
    the road in a recliner. The subject and his chair were
    removed from the roadway.

    • A McKinley Avenue resident reported that her 100-pound
    white goose lawn ornament was stolen
    from her property.

    • A naked female was seen being chased by a male with a
    flashlight on Pine Ridge Road.

    • An Edmund Street female requested a checkpoint on her
    house, because her husband would be
    out of town, and “strange things happen when he is gone.”

    • A child called 911 from a Kevin Court address reporting
    that the battery on his toy Jeep was going

    • Deputies responded to Kalayne Lane for a report of a
    larceny. An intoxicated male claimed that
    someone stole his pants and beat him up.

    • Patrol confiscated a rock as possible evidence in relation
    to a broken greenhouse window at a
    French Road business.

    • More than 300 prescription pills were reported stolen from
    a Harlem Road apartment after it was
    ransacked. Approximately $400 hidden in a Bible was also

    • A woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated after
    allegedly hitting another vehicle in the
    Mighty Taco drive-thru on Ridge Road. When she pulled
    over to exchange information with the
    victim, she apparently also drove onto and over the curb.
    She admitted to patrol that she previously
    drank three glasses of wine while taking Xanax.

    • A 5-foot-long python bit a dog on Toelsin Road.

    • A female patient of a Harlem Road doctor kept coming
    into the office and telling the doctor that
    Jesus told her that “she is to have sex with him.” Police
    warned the woman not to return to the
    doctor’s office.

    • A Linda Drive female was not happy with the way her
    daughter was doing the laundry.

    • A Ellicott Drive female reported a female in another
    apartment was threatening to beat her up
    because she “took too many meatballs and way too much

    • A female in the produce section of a Transit Road grocery
    store reported a female slapped her in
    the face and said she “shouldn’t leave her kids in the car.”

    • Police advised a small group on Clinton Street to “wrap it
    up for the night” after a complaint of
    loud music was received.

    • A Jamison Road caller reported an intoxicated male was
    urinating outside, then reentered his
    vehicle and continued to drink. He was charged with
    exposure and released on appearance tickets
    to a third party.

    • A David Drive resident reported that her neighbor was
    trying to disrupt her party by mowing his
    lawn and using a grass trimmer near her guests. The man
    was also allegedly letting his dog run
    around her lawn.

    • Deputies responded to Cedar Road for a male that showed
    up at a residence demanding that the
    complainant’s son stole money from him. The male had
    gone to the wrong house.

    • An employee of a Sheridan Drive fast food restaurant
    reported that a group of three male
    teenagers were being rowdy and threw a rock at a vehicle
    parked in the lot.

    • A resident of Tonawanda Creek Road reported two men
    were in his yard with a baseball bat and a
    12-pack of beer. The resident told police he told the men to
    leave his property after he spotted
    them urinating near a bedroom window.

    • A confused male wearing a clown outfit on Cleveland Drive
    was advised.

    • An employee of a Cleveland Drive funeral home
    complained that youths were skateboarding in
    the parking lot and making too much noise.

    • Patrol responded to a motel on Main Street, Clarence, for
    the report of a snake in the
    complainant’s room.

    • A Stolle Road caller reported an ongoing issue with a
    barking dog. The dog’s owner was notified
    and agreed to find someone to take care of it when he is not

    • Five cats were reported missing from a Clinton Street
    business. One owner reports that a couple
    was in the business near closing time the night before and
    inquired about the cats.

    • A small pop-up camping tent, which the owner had just
    assembled the night before, was
    removed from a backyard on Mill Road.

    • Patrol arrested a man accused of being intoxicated and
    stealing nearly $200 worth of groceries
    from Tops on Harlem Road. The man was observed walking
    in the southbound lane of traffic on
    Harlem, despite there being a sidewalk, about a half-mile
    away from the store.

    • A woman reported that seven Sunoco gas station bumper
    stickers were applied to her vehicle on
    Lyndale Court.

  • Police Blotter #82

    • A Cleveland Drive female said she “lost her husband”
    inside the house.

    • A Buffalo man was arrested for driving while intoxicated
    after striking a
    fire hydrant, an above-ground pool, two fences and
    shrubbery on Center Road.

    • Colonial Wine & Spirits reported that a man walked into
    the store and put a
    bottle of Knob Creek Whiskey into his jacket before walking
    out of the

    • Kohl’s department store on Amelia Drive reported that a
    man tried to leave
    the store with two packages of Jockey underwear worth $54.

    • An Arthur Mussara Parkway male reported his wife left him
    for two months to
    go work for the carnival
    , leaving him to take care of two
    children. The male
    wanted police to file abandonment charges.

    • A guest in a Walden Avenue hotel reported people in a
    nearby room might be
    setting up a meth lab.

    • A male called from Corrine Lane stating that an unknown
    male had followed
    his wife from Amherst and that he and some friends had the
    vehicle blocked
    in on a dead-end street. The man was a private investigator
    who was
    investigating an insurance disability case. The investigator
    had mistakenly
    been following the wrong person.

    • A large battery weighing 130 pounds was taken from a
    pay loader that was
    parked behind Reserve Fire Hall on Berg Road. The battery
    was said to be
    worth $300.

    • A man was observed loading approximately 2 tons of
    scrap metal from Ebenezer
    Railcar on Indian Church Road into his red pickup. When the
    questioned his actions, the man asked, “Is this steel?”

    • A woman on Naples Avenue reported receiving a call from
    Saks Fifth Avenue in
    New York City to confirm the purchase of a near-$550 pair
    of sneakers. The
    woman called the store’s fraud department to stop the
    unauthorized purchase.

    • Patrol followed an alleged drunk driver who was swerving
    on Seneca Street
    and who did not activate his vehicle’s headlights. Upon
    initiating a traffic
    stop, the vehicle struck the curb and went up onto the
    sidewalk, also
    striking a road marker. The driver had bloodshot eyes and
    garbled speech. In
    an attempt to recite the alphabet, the man repeated “AB3”
    several times.

    • A 32-year-old man from Glenwood reported that his car
    caught fire while
    driving on Milestrip Road.

    • A Tamark Court male called police because he didn’t want
    his brother-in-law
    to live there. However, the complainant’s wife did want the
    brother to live
    there, so he stayed.

    • Traffic was disrupted on French Road by a dog relieving
    itself in the middle
    of the road.

    • Police responded to a North Seine Drive residence where a
    male and female
    were having an argument about how the pizza had been

    • A Currier Street female reported a male has been writing
    messages in the
    snow on her car while she is at work and leaving presents
    from her at her

    • An East Cherbourg Drive male reported his girlfriend used
    his Social
    Security number to get a job at the Walmart on Transit Road.

    • Police received reports that a woman was standing outside
    by the cars at the
    Cheektowaga Records Center on Maryvale Drive, saying she
    needed someone to
    guard the cars because a congresswoman had taken hers.

    • A Washington Avenue resident was arrested for
    harassment after he threw a
    coffee table down a flight of stairs.

    • Police responded to Olmstead Avenue after a man
    reported his girlfriend’s
    son broke the cover of the thermostat and damaged the

    • Employees of a Broadway retailer called police to report a
    larceny. While en
    route to the store, the manager flagged down an officer. He
    had cornered the
    suspect between a truck and a fence.

    • A Euclid Avenue resident reported that his son was
    intoxicated and
    threatening to kick in the door. An officer reported that the
    son had
    locked himself out of the house and that both men were

    • A Buffalo man reported parking his car on Southwestern
    Boulevard and leaving
    his keys in his car. When he returned to it five minutes later,
    the vehicle
    was gone. The vehicle was a Chevrolet Lumina with “lots of
    rust and a loud

    • A woman called from Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church to
    report that her vehicle
    had been stolen. She was confused about where she had
    parked her car. She
    was assisted by patrol.

    • A male called from Oakway Lane with questions about a
    check he received from
    a country in Africa. The man was advised that it was a scam.

    • An employee of a Maple Road dental office reported that a
    22-year-old male
    was causing a disturbance at the business. The employee
    said the man, who
    cancelled several previous appointments, was in the office
    for dental work
    but was unhappy because he had to wait his turn.

    • A Jerome Drive female reported her soon-to-be ex-
    husband was calling her
    business customers claiming to be an FBI agent and telling
    them that the
    business was under investigation for fraud.

    • A Losson Road resident reported finding an intoxicated
    male lying on top of
    the complainant’s car, vomiting on it. The complainant
    believed there was an
    underage drinking party going on nearby.

    • An Orchard Park man reported that someone went into the
    detached garage,
    jacked the car up, and stole the tire and rim. The son of the
    victim said
    his friend got mad at him and proceeded to steal the tire as

    • Patrol responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle
    parked on Lein Road. It
    was learned that the female passenger had an outstanding
    warrant out of the
    Town of Tonawanda for prostitution. She told patrol she was
    waiting for a
    friend named “Mike.” However, both her clothing and
    possessions were
    indicative of prostitution.

    • An unknown male wearing a Mario Brothers T-shirt
    reportedly struck another
    man in the face at a Union Road bar

    • Patrol responded to Cambridge Avenue where four people
    were attempting to
    free a vehicle that was stuck in the mud. The driver was
    observed to have
    slurred speech, poor coordination and a strong odor of
    alcohol on his
    breath. He said they were coming from Niagara Falls where
    they watched the
    guitar drop, during which time he “drank a lot of whiskey.”
    The man refused
    to recite the alphabet, stating that he did not know it.

    • A resident of West Overlook Drive reported that a window
    on his motor home
    had been broken. He believed that it may have been related
    to a
    tree-trimming crew working in the area.

    • A Cleveland Drive male wanted his wife removed from the
    house because she
    was swearing in front of the children.

    • A male who was riding his bike around Town Hall and the
    Police and Court
    Building told police he was bored because the power was

    • Police responded to a fast food restaurant on Niagara Falls
    Boulevard where
    a group of females reportedly were unhappy with the ice
    cream cones they
    ordered. An employee of the restaurant told police that after
    the women
    became agitated, they threw the ice cream cones through
    the drive-through
    windows. Several employees were reportedly struck by the
    ice cream.

    • A resident of Fairgreen Drive reported an intoxicated
    neighbor was yelling
    at him about garbage in the yard.

    • A West Seneca resident found the words “DEAD MAN”
    written in shaving cream
    on his driveway.

    • A man stole nearly $200 worth of crab legs and shrimp
    from Wegmans on
    Orchard Park Road.

    • A woman was caught attempting to steal several items,
    including a metallic
    Santa-style bra worth $10.99, from Kmart on Orchard Park

    • A 49-year-old man from Ohio was caught soliciting
    tickets to the Buffalo
    Bills game on the Route 219 ramp at Milestrip Road and was
    charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing traffic, being a
    pedestrian on
    a prohibited part of the state highway and soliciting on a

  • Police Blotter #81
    • Police received a call of a suspicious person standing
    outside a Walden Avenue shopping mall with a live snake
    hanging around his neck.

    • A Redleaf Lane resident reported three teenage males
    were carrying a baseball bat and a golf club. The
    complainant told police the youths were not “using them
    for the appropriate sports.”

    • A resident of Brantwood Road reported her daughter had
    left clothing at her friend’s house a couple weeks earlier.
    She told police the clothes were thrown into a bag and left
    on the front porch of her home.

    • Police responded to a Niagara Falls Boulevard business
    where approximately six people were reportedly pushing
    each other in front of the main entrance.

    • Police responded to Bernhardt Drive where a resident was
    reported her upstairs neighbor was sounding a high-
    pitched device to annoy her as retribution for complaining
    to the landlord.

    • At the Foot Locker on Amelia Drive, three females
    entered the store and one stole a pair of Nike Air Max
    sneakers worth $144. While two of the women distracted
    the store clerks, she slipped the sneakers into her purse. 
    Earlier, one of the women tried to return a white T-shirt
    and black shorts to the store, but the store wouldn’t let
    her because it sells only sneakers.

    • An Abbott Road woman who owns property on Baker
    Road said she noticed her furniture had been turned
    upside down, a wooden bench smashed and her garden
    torn up by a vehicle that drove through it.

    • Following a physical altercation between a male and
    female in a Slate Creek Drive residence, the grandmother
    wanted police to advise the mother “not to argue in front
    of the baby.”

    • Police received a report that a woman stole a 25-foot
    hay elevator from a barn on Jewett Holmwood Road. The
    owner of the barn said that he wanted the property
    returned and the woman was advised not to enter the
    property again.

    • Police responded to Florence Avenue on the report of a
    larceny and disorderly conduct of several male youths. The
    youths allegedly stole two street signs, one “No Parking”
    sign and one “Truck Route” sign worth a combined total of
    $700. Officers discovered two males in a driveway who
    denied the claim, yet the signs were clearly visible inside.

    • A man found a silver heart and other markings had been
    spray painted onto his vehicle, which was parked in his
    driveway on Woodward Drive.

    • On Buckeye Road, a resident reported an unknown
    person was tampering with Halloween decorations on his
    property overnight.

    • The clerk at a gas station on Main Street reported a
    suspicious white Chevy in the parking lot. A male kept
    getting out of the vehicle and coming into the store to
    attempt to sell the clerk drugs. The passenger had been
    grinding up aspirin on the floor mat and attempting to sell
    it as cocaine.

    • A man called from Roseville Drive. He was upset because
    people were using him as a reference without asking his

    • Patrol responded to Kmart on Orchard Park Road to
    investigate a road rage and reckless operation incident
    between the drivers of two vehicles. According to the
    report, the female driver was approached by the male
    driver of the second vehicle, who asked why she was
    driving recklessly on Ridge Road. The female reportedly
    became vulgar and bit the arm of the male driver’s son —
    he had identified himself as an officer with the
    Lackawanna Police Department.

    • A woman suspected of shoplifting was said to have
    passed all points of purchase at Kmart on Orchard Park
    Road with more than $900 worth of merchandise. Items
    included a vacuum cleaner, air mattress, “Dora the
    Explorer” chair and doll, a password journal, pool float
    and two Yankee Candles.

    • A driver was stopped on Cindy Lane for speeding and
    following another vehicle too closely. The driver told
    patrol he was just down the road from his house and
    asked for a break because he had a “bad day.” Patrol
    observed that the driver had slurred speech and glassy
    eyes. The suspect said his eyes were red due to having
    “pink eye.” He then failed several sobriety tests.

    • A landscape worker reported that his backpack blower
    was stolen while he was mowing the back yard of a Union
    Road residence. The blower was valued at roughly $800.

    • A Roycroft Boulevard resident reported a male neighbor
    was standing on his lawn, digging and yelling “grow,
    grow, grow.”

    • Two males were walking with beer on Park Edge Drive.
    When questioned, the males told police “the beer fairy
    disposed of it.”

    • A Westcliff Drive man reported that a “larger than
    average size” pyrotechnic device or explosive was
    detonated in his pool. It caused roughly $5,000 worth of

    • A woman’s Texas Long Horns doormat was removed
    from outside her Center Road home. She told police that
    her neighbor had a party the night before and she believes
    someone from the party took the mat.

    • The manager of an area Tim Hortons reported having
    been short money since early October. Video surveillance
    reportedly captured a female employee taking a $10 bill
    from a register and placing it in her blouse.

    • Patrol responded to a home on Wildwood Place on the
    report of a possible domestic incident. Upon arrival, patrol
    knocked on the door of the home but realized the caller
    was outside on the sidewalk. The woman who came to the
    door was argumentative and screamed obscenities at
    patrol before slamming the door. Patrol knocked on the
    door again to advise the woman that she was under arrest
    for disorderly conduct.

    • Patrol responded to Tampa Drive where a man was
    found slumped over in the driver’s seat with “drool
    dripping down his chin.” Officers failed to wake the driver
    after several attempts. They broke the window to extricate
    him, after thinking that he might have stopped breathing.
    The man finally awoke and had impaired speech and
    bloodshot eyes. He could not remember where he was
    coming from but admitted to “having some beers.”

    • An Orchard Park man made three appointments for
    someone to come and look at the wood-burning stove he
    was selling, and each time, the man didn’t show up. The
    victim claims the man didn’t show up just to be annoying.
    • The security alarm went off at a local carwash. A man
    was reportedly trying to buy an air freshener from the
    vending machine when it came ajar and set off the alarm.

    • A 13-year-old female and an 11-year-old male offered
    to rake a Pine Ridge Terrace resident’s leaves for $25.
    When the homeowner declined, the youths began
    scattering the leaves all over.

    • A Canadian woman reported that her purse was stolen
    from a friend’s vehicle while it was parked at the Ralph
    Wilson Stadium for a Buffalo Bills game. When they
    returned from the game, they saw the car was damaged,
    but they didn’t call police because they had poor
    cellphone reception.

    • Employees of a store inside the Walden Galleria reported
    a female who appeared to be intoxicated and smelled like
    alcohol offered $100 to be able to leave her three children
    in the store. The female told police she was joking.

    • A resident of Siegfried Drive reported finding an eight-
    inch bone on his front porch. He told police we was
    worried because he was unsure if it was a human bone or
    from the remains of an animal.

    • An Orchard Park woman brought 26 guns to the police
    station for safekeeping while they are being transferred
    from her father’s gun license to her own.

    • A male asked police to escort him when picking up his
    child, because he was “afraid the child’s mother would
    beat him up.”

    • A Linda Drive female reported a male wearing a white
    shirt that “looked like a drug addict” was pounding on her

    • A woman reported that her 16-year-old son had been
    missing for 24 hours. While patrol was interviewing the
    complainant, her son sent her a text message to pick him
    up at his friend’s house.

    • A Shepard Avenue resident complained that there was
    yelling and screaming coming from an upstairs tenant. An
    officer reported that a pair of individuals were discussing
    school supplies and were advised to lower their voices.

    • Three bowling balls and a pair of bowling shoes were
    removed from the open bed of a man’s pickup while it was
    parked on Orchard Park Road.

    • A Ransom Road resident stated that there was a
    suspicious man driving a lawnmower in her backyard. The
    woman’s husband had apparently hired a lawn service but
    had neglected to tell his wife.

    • A suspicious vehicle reported on Goodrich Road involved
    a male and female looking in a drainpipe. They were on a
    worldwide geocache scavenger hunt, and an item had
    been hidden in the pipe.

    • The driver-side mirror of a woman’s vehicle was broken
    off after it was struck by a water balloon while traveling on
    Seneca Street in the area of a banquet facility.

  • • An Arrowood Lane woman reported finding a bicycle at the bottom of her
    in-ground pool.

    Duff’s on Orchard Park Road reported that one of its electronic game
    machines was broken into, and $114 worth of game tokens were stolen.

    Several lawn ornaments were taken from a Cathedral Drive property, including
    one gnome that held a sign stating, “Gnome, Sweet Gnome.”

    Two individuals were arrested after patrol found them on Seneca Street
    inside a vehicle that had been reported stolen. The driver spoke Spanish
    only, but the passenger, who spoke some English, called her sister to
    respond to the scene and act as a translator. Patrol learned that the
    vehicle, which was unregistered, uninsured and displayed a stolen vehicle’s
    license plate on its front end, had reportedly been given to the subjects as
    a “marriage present.”

  • Police Blotter #80

    • An Arrowood Lane woman reported finding a bicycle at
    the bottom of her
    in-ground pool.

    • Duff’s on Orchard Park Road reported that one of its
    electronic game
    machines was broken into, and $114 worth of game
    tokens were stolen.

    • Several lawn ornaments were taken from a Cathedral
    Drive property, including
    one gnome that held a sign stating, “Gnome, Sweet

    • Two individuals were arrested after patrol found them
    on Seneca Street
    inside a vehicle that had been reported stolen. The driver
    spoke Spanish
    only, but the passenger, who spoke some English, called
    her sister to
    respond to the scene and act as a translator. Patrol
    learned that the
    vehicle, which was unregistered, uninsured and displayed
    a stolen vehicle’s
    license plate on its front end, had reportedly been given to
    the subjects as
    a “marriage present.”

    • A Woodell Avenue resident reported neighbor children
    were jumping from the
    roof onto the complainant’s trampoline.

    • A customer at a Union Road electronics store
    complained that a security
    officer wouldn’t wash his hands before checking the
    complainant’s receipt.

    • A Linden Street resident reported a neighbor was
    hanging laundry on the
    complainant’s fence and refusing to take it down.

    • A Knox Avenue woman had a loud party that continued
    into the morning as well
    as a large, uncovered fire pit.

    • Police found an amorous couple in a car parked in the
    ramp at the Walden
    Galleria. Police reported the couple was “heavily engaged
    and making

    • A naked elderly male was found by a shelter in
    Cheektowaga Town Park. Police
    reported the male “took cooling off a little too far.”

    • An elderly man at a Thruway Plaza business was advised
    not to eat the chips
    before paying for them.

    • A woman called from St. Stanislaus Cemetery, stating
    that she had dropped
    her keys into a grave. She had actually dropped them into
    a sewer grate, and
    police assisted.

    • Jim Ball Cadillac Buick GMC on Southwestern Boulevard
    reported that someone
    stole four tires and rims from a Cadillac Escalade parked
    in the lot. The
    estimated loss was $67,000.

    • A Benning Road resident reported three street signs
    lying in the road. Two
    were speed limit signs and the other, a stop sign.

    • A male allegedly tried to leave Tops on Orchard Park
    Road without paying for
    paper goods that were observed tucked under his arm.
    Also, a mug and glass
    jar candle were seen bulging out of his pants pockets.

    • Twelve pairs of sunglasses worth $1,625 were stolen
    from a locked display
    case at Council Opticians on Seneca Street. The key was
    said to have been
    left on top of the case.

    • At Kmart on Orchard Park Road, a man allegedly stole
    two televisions and two
    speakers on two consecutive days. Both times he left
    through the garden

    An Ellis Road woman reported that her dog got into a
    fight with a raccoon.

    • A wedding reception on Graystone Lane went awry when
    the portable unit used
    for cooking by a caterer in the driveway malfunctioned,
    bursting into

    • The landlord of a Juniper Lane residence reported a
    tenant being evicted
    hung a dummy from a tree with the landlord’s name on it.

    • An upturned turtle was reportedly causing traffic
    problems and blocking the
    entrance to a driveway on Dodge Road. The turtle
    eventually escaped.

    • A Fairglen Drive resident reported that two boys put an
    empty stroller in
    the middle of the road, and after she told them to stop,
    they followed her
    around the neighborhood, swearing at her.

    • Police responded to a report that a motorist opened her
    gas tank to fill it
    and found an M-80 fire cracker was inside.

    • Police responded to a report on Millersport Highway that
    two youths were
    throwing rocks at passing cars.

    • A Longmeadow Road resident wanted police to advise a
    neighbor about throwing
    trash over the fence for the last two weeks.

    • A customer of a Niagara Falls Boulevard department
    store reported that a man
    parked in a burgundy minivan was behaving

    • Police responded to a Maple Road business where an
    intoxicated female was
    refusing to leave.

    • Police were called from a bike path phone on Tonawanda
    Creek Road. When
    police answered, the person who called said, “Oh wow,
    this really works,”
    and hung up.

    • An employee at a home improvement store on Niagara
    Falls Boulevard reported
    that a pressure washer from outside the store was stolen
    by a man in a black
    Ford Explorer.

    • Police arrested a male for criminal trespassing in a Broad
    Street residence.
    The male reportedly left a cell phone and vomit in the

    • A Breezewood Drive man reported that someone entered
    his property and threw
    all his patio furniture into the pool.

    • A Silent Meadow Lane man reported that someone used
    his MasterCard to
    purchase $3,200 worth of plus-sized women’s’ clothing.

    • An Aurora Avenue man unknowingly lent his car to an
    acquaintance that
    reportedly used it to steal tools from a construction site.
    While doing so,
    the man received a call from his friend, who was heading
    to a nearby pawn

    • A physical altercation between a 16-year-old female and
    her mother stemmed
    from the mother buying school supplies for a younger

    • Two 10-year-old boys tried to steal a game from a
    Thruway Plaza Drive
    business, but the manager sent them on their way. The
    boys were then seen on
    the curb outside crying, because one of their bicycles had
    been stolen.

    • A Meadowbrook Parkway female reported a neighbor
    took a bath, brushed her
    teeth and did her laundry in the complainant’s pool.

    • A motorist pulled over on the Kensington Expressway
    because he dropped a
    cigarette and set his pants on fire.

    • Patrol arrested an Edson Street man who was belligerent
    and charged with
    disorderly conduct. The man was reportedly intoxicated
    and had slammed his
    front door several times, agitating neighbors. He told the
    patrol he was
    looking for his pet.

    • A man on Marlow Drive reported that 50 bottles of beer
    and a bottle of vodka
    were stolen from his garage.

    • An employee of the Buffalo Postal Community Federal
    Credit Union on Orchard
    Park Road reported coming to work and smelling an odor
    of bleach throughout
    the building.

    • Two drunken males were vomiting and arguing on the
    porch of a Winkler Road
    house over which one was more sober to drive.

    • A Cheektowaga woman reported her ex-boyfriend
    posted on Facebook that she is
    a “fat slob.”

    • A West Grand resident reported his neighbor on Central
    Boulevard was
    pounding stakes into the ground at 1 a.m. The male was
    assembling a swing
    set and was advised to do it during the day.

    • A Viola Drive female reported her neighbor cut up her

    • Two teenage males were going door to door on
    Greenleaf Lane, asking people
    if they knew how to dance and wanted residents to come
    out and show them.

    • Two young males were knocking on doors on Garden
    Village Drive, asking
    people to donate money to charity. When asked, they
    could not identify the
    charity they represented.

    • Patrol removed a chair in the roadway on Route 400 near
    the Maple Street

    • An Elma woman reported that a woman was giving out
    her phone number and
    information so people could harass her.

    • A dancer from a Genesee Street night club reported
    another dancer threw hot
    coffee on her.

    • A resident called to report an incident that happened
    with their new nanny,
    of only 10 days, who is from Poland and on a school study
    abroad program.
    The nanny said she was going to the library with the 4-
    year-old twins in her
    charge. Later, the resident got a call from the nanny, who
    said that she was
    lost in Cleveland, Ohio.

    • Deputies responded to a business on Transit Road to
    investigate a couple
    selling puppies out of a vehicle. The driver was cited for
    an unregistered
    and uninspected vehicle and advised not to sell items
    without the proper

    • A vehicle was reported to be driving erratically on
    Goodrich Road. The
    driver admitted that she had been distracted by her child
    and almost went
    through the red light at County Road.