Mike Tracz: Bills 24, Dolphins 21 – I have no idea what to think about this game.  The Bills always beat Miami at home in cold weather, but they always lose nationally televised games, even against comically pathetic teams like Cleveland.  As for the opponent, who are the Dolphins?  Are they the team that completely dismantled the Jets on the road three weeks ago, or the one that got curb stomped at home by an awful Titans team this past week?  All I know is that the "easy" portion of this allegedly soft schedule begins now, so if the Bills are to have any prayer of playing in January, it's time to demonstrate that they've learned lessons on how to close out games after near-misses against the Titans and Patriots.

Frank: 24-23, Miami- Buffalo primetime games are always exciting. Always. They're almost never fruitful for Buffalo fans looking to be in a good mood afterwards though. Plenty have predicted this to be Spiller's coming out party (again), but fail to acknowledge that Miami's run defense is fifth in the league this year. The Buffalo players seem to have finally realized this is no-loss territory if they want any chance at the playoffs, so they'll go tooth and nail in this one, but fall short very, very late in the game to send myself and seventy thousand other miserable souls back to the lots to drink away the pain. Hope is a bitch.

Brandon: 26-21, Bills- After the Bills looked like a halfway competent pro football team Sunday, I think it might actually be a pretty big disappointment if they're not able to win this one. Fitz has attracted his fair share of apologists after he played well enough to beat the Patriots over the weekend, so if he stinks against Miami's 28th-ranked pass defense, I think we can expect a return to the norm. It's a must-win for the Bills. Eh, why not?

Jason G.: 13-10, Bills- I know, I said last week I thought the Bills were looking down the barrel of being 3-8.  And it won't surprise me a bit if they gag another primetime home game away.  Both teams are crap.  And Chan may be silly enough to let Tashard Choice take too many carries away from Spiller.  But I got a hunch the Dolphins will make one more mistake, and allow all 12 people outside of WNY that will watch this game see the Bills get off the mat, at least for one week.

Fake Darcy: Bills 4, Miami 3- The Bills are going to make an historic run to 6-10.

Chris: 33-30, Bills- I hate Miami. The Dolphins and the Hurricanes are my two most hated teams. Ever. Even though the rivalry with the Pats has become the main focus for every Bills fan, the memory of Marino, Brian Cox or even Jay Fiedler stumbling through snowy December games will always linger well in my memory. When it comes to my football allegiance, the Dolphins being generally terrible makes me happy. I might pay more to break Tom Brady's kneecaps, but I'll always hope the Phins are the worst team in the league. That being said, Thursday's game doesn't hold too much in terms of stakes. The Bills are closer to competing for Matt Barkley than a playoff spot and the Dolphins are much improved, but still lacking in a number of categories. At this point, playing spoiler to the Dolphins playoff hopes may be all we have as a fan base. I like CJ Spiller as the lone back this week and the matchup of Buffalo's offense against their defense. It is problematic that the Dolphins run the ball well. That alone could tear up the Bills D'. Lord knows the defense won't keep points off the board.

Michael Necci: Bills 24, Dolphins 22 – Chan Gailey enters his 16th game vs the AFC East as Bills coach. In his previous 15, his teams have won a whopping two games. That ain't getting it done. I truly believe that if the Bills lose this game at home on national TV,  Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon may raise an eyebrow to each other about the future of Chan Gailey. If Buffalo loses, no matter the fashion, this could send fans over the top. For those of you still riding the playoff dream, this is a must win. For Gailey, this win is for his job in 2013. Home teams are 6-3 on Thursday Night Football this year, so the odds are in Buffalo's favor. With Fred Jackson out, we may finally FINALLY get to see CJ touch it 20+ times, but #becauseitsbuffalo, we know that Tashard Choice will eat into those carries. Buffalo hasn't won a prime time game since 2001 (@ Jacksonville also a Thursday Night), but when the Bills have been on the prime time watch, they've have provided us with excitement and heartbreak. Mostly heartbreak (Dallas 2007/Browns 2008/Pats 2009). I expect a close game with Buffalo winning on last second FG. Also, the Bills will be wearing White Tops/Blue Pants. Love.

Alex Jank: 21-13, Bills- Come on, Bills fans. It's on national television. I better see some good Reggie Bush-themed signage.

Aaron Garland: 28-24, Bills- Chan Gailey is 2-13 against AFC East opponents as Bills head coach, but he gets that all-important third win. Spiller 8 carries, Tashard Choice 20.

Joe: 16-13, Bills– I have no idea why I'm picking the Bills. I've been through this song and dance before where the Bills play well against a world power -only to lose- then take on a lesser team and lose. However, I just can't see a rookie QB beating them. If Matt Moore was starting (6 touchdowns last year against the Bills), I'd pick Miami. A few concerns are obvious: Miami is coming off a terrible game, which means Buffalo is the ultimate one night stand rebound. Also, the Bills are 2-12 against 3-4 defenses since 2010. Miami also dominated Buffalo last season (Don't let the 2nd meeting fool you, the Bills were trailing 30-7 at one point). However, I just think the home crowd is going to be a big factor in this.