Derek:20-14, Bills- Henne has the Jag's offense playing much better but they're still pretty anemic offensively without MJD. This is a good matchup for the Bills defense and I think they continue their strong play by shutting down the Jacksonville offense. If allowed, CJ Spiller should be able to run all over the 29th ranked run defense in the league. Will the Bills offense be able to top their output of one offensive touchdown from a week ago? I suppose I'll take the over.
Fake Darcy: Bills fans win this game with the blackout, 200,000 to 0.
Jay: 17-16, Bills- I think I've made it clear how little faith I have left in Chan's gameplanning.  That said, Mike Mularkey can teach a Masters course in the art of out-thinking one's self.  Listen in to all the excitement as CJ and MJD (if healthy) are wasted by their coaches, who let Fitz and Henne attempt 90 combined passes.  The deep thinkers inside NFL Headquarters may reconsider allowing teams to get relegated to the MAC after this epic.

Frank: 19-10, Jags- Jacksonville is terrible. Last or close to last in the league in just about every category. Then you have the Bills, who can't get out of their own goddamn way. Gailey has officially lost it and is calling plays worse than ever. I see Buffalo punting from the Jacksonville 10 and making the sub-60 thousand sad souls (I'm too sick to show, shucks) sit through the rain for nothing.

Joe: 20-17, Bills- Fuck you! I'm picking the Jags out of spite. Alright, I'm not. Actually, something about Chad Henne scares the crap out of me. He's been on a hot streak, throwing for 6 touchdowns in his last two games. The Jags dropped 37 on a Houston team that Buffalo could only get fields goals against. I just think Jacksonville is worse than Buffalo. I mean, I can't name a position Jacksonville is better at than probably LB. The only way the Bills lose this game is if Gailey decides to go all pass happy again. If you goto the Jags NFL page, they are ranked last in almost every category on offense and defense. The Jags have only 13 sacks while giving up 34. No other player has more than two. Yes, its your standard the Bills will back their way into a win because another team is worse than they are..
Mike Tracz: 31-17, Bills- If I helped any of you climb aboard the Hope Train to Dumbassville with the ridiculous optimism I espoused last week, I profusely apologize.  I should have known better – after all, the Bills sure do have a nasty habit of losing the most critical of games in heartbreaking fashion, don't they?  Three examples right off the top of my head: the 2004 season finale against the Steelers' second stringers, the 30-29 loss to the Titans in 2006 while at 7-7, and my personal favorite, the 2007 loss to friggin' Cleveland in the blizzard while 7-6.  All of these games, of course, eliminated the Bills from the playoffs – just like last week's loss to the Colts likely did.  Now that the games don't matter anymore, the Bills can get back to what they do best – beating bad teams when it no longer counts, just in time to slap us all in the face.  I hate myself.

Alex Jank: 30-14, Bills- "The toll road of denial is a long and dangerous one. The price, your soul." — J. Peterman

Aaron Garland: 23-13, Bills- I have tickets to the three remaining home games at the Ralph. Who wants 'em?

Michael Necci: 7-6, Jags- In my thirty years or so of following this team, I don't think I've ever cared less about them. If any fans out there can give me three good reasons for how winning any of their last five meaningless games benefits them, I'm all ears. A hearty congratulations are in order though to Ralph, Jeff Littman, Buddy, Russ & Chan for making it 8 straight years (2004 was the last time) of having another December of meaningless football games. That's one hell of an accomplishment. Go Jaguars.

Alex Beilman: Bills 140 Jags 2: Fitz will throw for ten TD's, Brad Smith will throw for 4 TDs from the Wildcat, and Fred Jackson./CJ Spiller will have 3 TDs each on a combined 8 carries. But the Bills will also give up a safety, because they are the Bills. #YOLOSWAGSWERVE #Billieve
Chris: 24-13, Bills:  I thought it would be funny to write all of my remaining home game posts in black font with a black backing, but you don't need to be blacked out from the internet too. Remember how the Titans game was supposed to be a win that was penciled in during training camp? This is another one of those games. Even with an offense that has been slightly rejuvenated by Chad Henne, I don't think much of what the Jags have to offer. They're back to Rashad Jennings after Jalen Parmele (the 3rd string back who they benched Jennings for) was injured. Henne has had some success and instant chemistry with Justin Blackmon. The only threat I see in this game is if the Bills cannot effectively cover Blackmon and Cecil Shorts. I'm tired of assuming the Bills offense will produce as they're expected to, however. Each week Chan Gailey plans to get the ball to CJ Spiller and he fails to do so. Even with Justin Babin in the fold, I don't expect the Jags to offer too much resistance to the Bills attack. However, I wonder how successful Ryan Fitzpatrick will be. Regardless, chalk this one up as one against a top-10 draft pick.
Brandon: Bills 22, Jaguars 20– At least the blackout will keep me from watching this game, allowing me time to take in an actual NFL football game instead. The Bills will probably win, but really, who cares? This season's been over for weeks as far as I'm concerned. Don't believe anything the #BillsMafia tells you. Has the lockout ended yet?