Picture Courtesy of Tom Dolina (Tommunism.com)

Hopefully the wheels fall off this crazy train before it ever pulls into the station on January 3rd.

First. This happened:

When they welcomed Leader Pelosi and everyone stood up to applaud, a frantic new member got up — breakfast plate in hand — rushed over to me and asked, ‘Wait … what meeting is this?!’ I said, ‘This is the Democratic Caucus.’ He said, ‘Oh s—, I’m in the wrong meeting. Where are the Republicans meeting?’” the anonymous tipster said of the mini-drama.

The confused caucuser? Rep.-elect Chris Collins, R-N.Y.


His first attempt at bi-partisanship lasted about as long as his trip down to to D.C.. But what do you expect from the chief spokesperson for Clarence’s 1%:

“Clearly, I’m disappointed that the first thing he said was that he would raise taxes on the wealthy,” Collins said. “I was encouraged he said we want to reach across the aisle, but the next thing he said is he didn’t want to cooperate.”

“That’s a nonstarter,” he said of the tax hike proposal, adding that tax increases and job creation “go together like oil and water.” 

“OK, Mr. President,” he added. “You now have to lead … and understand that Republicans will not change their position on a tax increase.”


To top things off he told the Buffalo News that congress should ‘kick the can down the road’ so that he can ultimately vote to throw the entire country off the ‘fiscal cliff’, which currently has a self imposed deadline of January 1st.

He thinks the current Congress should “kick the can down the road” during the lame-duck session, seeking a more permanent solution in the new year.

Did someone say recount?