A Comparative Study in Alien Phenomenon                       

                         Sqaudron of 3 UFOs

by Alberta Parish

The credibility of my work, information, and writing ability have recently come under attack by those closest to me who have also been avid readers of my work for a very long time. They feel that because I don’t hold a Bachelor’s Degree or a PhD in Literature, Writing, Journalism, History, or any of the “required” fields of study that society dictates I should have in order to be an established and credible writer, my critics claim that my information is not as credible as one who holds credentials establishing him or her as a capable and credible writer. In other words, they have a problem with me because I don’t have the credentials nor have I been trained in journalism, writing, literature, and history for the knowledge and skills that I possess. My critics, many of whom are American-born black people, read my blogs regularly, and because I don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree or a PhD in historical studies, they ignore my work and undermine me as a writer. My critics have questioned the origin of my information, and because they disagree with the knowledge that I have presented after conclusive research, they have a problem receiving the kind of knowledge that they have never read in their entire lives. I’m African and a woman. Could it be that my skin is not the right color as to why my critics have a problem with my work? If I was a German, American or Jewish writer, my critics would receive anything I say and they would not question the origin of my work. A degree is the golden standard upon which success is often measured by credentials or the lack thereof, and people often hang all their hopes and dreams on a degree. But what if the degree doesn’t get you the job you always wanted? What if the degree doesn’t fulfill your true goals and passions? I also have a degree in Information Systems, but that was not my true passion.

The so-called education, or perhaps, miseducation that people think they are getting for their money doesn’t pale in comparison to ancient schools of thought or the “mystery schools” from which my ancient Nubian and Kemetic ancestors received a full knowledge of the known universe, and not just a section of apportioned knowledge. They teach you a section of knowledge, because they are actively hiding the mysteries of the universe from you. There are things about our universe that many average men and women can never fathom. Many people cannot fathom that there were civilizations in antiquity, which were far more advanced than the so-called modern age of man. True antiquity has vanished from the books, from Discovery Channel, and from the Egyptian hieroglyphic carvings having been altered and erased by hired hands who have scratched off the painted faces of my jet black ancestors whose civilization is much more older than what we have been taught in the schools and universities.

A few years back, DNA studies were conducted on an Egyptian pharaoh known as Tutankhamun. Egyptology researchers had concluded based upon their scientific findings that King Tut’s DNA was 99% Western European. Before there was ever a scientific study conducted on King Tut’s DNA, prior imagery depicted on the king’s tomb shows the boy pharaoh as clearly having dark skin. The writings on the wall tells the true story of Tutankhamun (Tut-Ankh-Amon). His very name means “Living Image of Amun”. According to Egypt’s ancient records, the sky deity Amun is depicted in the hieroglyphs as having dark green skin. Amun’s image is depicted as being the same color as the universe itself because he came from the universe, which is dark green.

The oldest form of writing came from Kemit, which is the birthplace of the oldest human civilization. The hieroglyphs are the oldest human historical accounts, which portrays the origin of man on earth. The oldest creation story in the world came from Kemit/Kamit. In fact, all other creation stories are derived from the Metu Neter, which are the Kemetic hieroglyphs depicting how the land and sky came into existence, how man came into existence, and how the sun became the center or symbol of worship because the ancients recognized that all bio-genetic life on earth had originally come into existence by way of the sun. They knew that without the energy from the sun, human, animal or planet life could not be sustained on this planet.

When the Greeks came upon the Metu Neter writings depicting the images of early man from a civilization, which was far more advanced and more ancient than their own, they saw black faces carved upon the walls. In fact, it was the Greeks who referred to the Metu Neter writings as hieroglyphs, which means “sacred carving”. It told the story of the first Sky Beings who came to earth. These beings were never meant to be worshipped, and perhaps, they manipulated humans to worship them by displaying powers that ancient humanity had never witnessed. The ancients believed these beings to be gods and goddesses, which is why they depicted them in the Metu Neter writings as divine deities. I certainly don’t believe they were divine deities. Like many non-religious persons, I come from a viewpoint, which dispels the existence of any and all so-called deities. As a writer, I am merely giving my readers a history behind the extraterrestrial sky beings about whom countless tales had been recorded.

The most famous of Egyptian deities was Amun (i.e. Atum). At a later time, he was called Amen-Ra/Amon-Ra. Amun’s wife-consort was called Amunet. Their children were Asar, Aset, Nephthys and Set. In the ancient Egyptian carvings, Set was depicted as the evil brother. Asar and his sister Aset were later called Osiris and Isis in Greek classical writings. Asar and Aset also had a son named Heru (i.e. Horus). Heru was later called the son of Ra (Son of the SUN god Ra).

The Sumerians told a similar story of Sky Beings having descended from the cosmos. Upon their arrival, the ancient humans thought them to be gods and goddesses because they witnessed an advanced species having descended from the sky in giant spacecraft vehicles. They naturally assumed these beings had supernatural powers because of their advanced technology. The Sumerian texts depicts the god Ea or Enki as having been among the chief engineers that genetically engineered the ancient Sumerians to be servant-slaves to the gods and goddesses, which the Sumerians had called the Annunaki. The Sumerian texts further documents how the ancient extraterrestrial species genetically engineered homo sapiens by splicing their DNA with that of existing hominids already living in the earth at the time when the Annunaki first arrived on this planet.

The Homo Erectus (meaning “upright human”) were among the first humans existing in the continent known today as Africa. They came after the Homo Habilis (meaning “handy man”), which was an earlier hominid also existing in Africa millions of years ago. The Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus were thinking humans, and not brutal apes often depicted in Hollywood films such as Planet of the Apes.

The 1968 film Planet of the Apes shows an astronaut crew that crashed their spacecraft on a planet in the distant future only to discover a world in which intelligent apes are the dominant species, and homo sapiens have been relegated to mere house servants and field hands. The subliminal concept behind the making of Planet of the Apes was a clear shot at black people being described as having once been the “ape-like” rulers in the earth who subjugated large groups of people, and forced them into slavery.

Author Zecharia Sitchin, who was among the leading experts on the Sumerian civilization, described how the Annunaki had splashed down in the Persian Gulf region around 450,000 years ago. In Zecharia Sitchin’s 1976 book entitled The 12th Planet, the author describes how extraterrestrials had come to earth from a distant planet beyond Neptune, which Sitchin had referred to as Planet X. The ancient Sumerians gave a description of this planet, which they called Nibiru (meaning “planet of the crossing”). The Annunaki astronauts came from Nibiru, according to the Sumerians. Upon earth, the Annunaki had genetically engineered homo sapiens, producing the Sumerian civilization. The Annunaki had also traveled to earth in spacecraft vehicles, according to Sitchin. The Sumerians were not the only people who talked about ancient sky beings who had come from the cosmos in giant spaceships. The Kemetic people had a similar story depicting the arrival of a higher intelligent species upon earth. This story is well documented in the carved writings upon the walls of the Luxor Temple in Egypt. The ancient Kemites never documented that sky beings were solely responsible for the creation of their civilization. The Kemites had credited their civilization to the rising of the sun god Amun-Ra. However, the Kemetic hieroglyphs depict stories about ancient extraterrestrials and their spaceships.

In Zecharia Sitchin’s work, the author described the gods and goddesses having decided to destroy their genetic creation with a great flood, which they carried out. Because the god Ea had sympathy for mankind, he saved one human family from the flood waters. The god Ea (Enki), having been among the chief engineers in the creation of mankind, is credited with having saved humanity from total destruction by the gods. According to the Sumerians, the Annunaki (which means those who from heaven to earth came) had settled upon Planet Earth for its resources. The Annunaki, having comprised much of the workforce, later decided to engineer homo sapiens to be used as workers, slaves, and servants to the gods/goddesses. The Sumerian texts documents how the Annunaki also conceived children with homo sapiens, and their offspring later became rulers in the earth. Similar stories in the Kemetic, Sumerian, and Babylonian tongue have come from the areas known today as Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iraq. The Kemetic people had long documented the history of how mankind came into existence by the gods and goddesses. But these beings were not even close to those described in biblical texts. The Kemetic and Sumerian creation stories gives a much different account from that of the Genesis account. Before there were any Sumerian texts, the Metu Neter writings depicting the creation of the first humans had already existed for hundreds of thousands of years. According to the Metu Neter, the Sun god Amun had created the first human children. But these children were not genetically-created beings like the ancient Sumerians were. Having been worshipped as the Sun god, Amun was depicted as the bringer of life. The Kemetic people had knowledge that all life upon earth had originally come into existence because of the energy from the sun.

Noah’s flood story, which has fascinated Bible historians and archaeologists for many years, is merely a retelling of earlier flood stories by the Kemites and Sumerians. The central figure in the Sumerian flood story was King Gilgamesh of Uruk who claimed to have met a man who was immortal and told him a story about a great flood destroying mankind, and how he and his family were saved by the gods upon a giant boat. The Epic of Gilgamesh describes a detailed account of Gilgamesh’s great adventures and how during his travels, he met a man who claimed to have been saved from death by the gods. Gilgamesh, also called Bilgames in Sumerian writings, was a demigod with superhuman ability. This was not uncommon in the ancient world. Many Sumerian rulers were said to have been direct descendants of gods and goddesses. Gilgamesh was the offspring of a goddess, according to Mesopotamian legend.

With the discovery of the Sumerian texts, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, which depicts the earliest humans and the other-worldly beings that dwelt among them, have left many to question the originality of the Metu Neter writings. However, if the Metu Neter writings are merely mythological stories, then the Sumerian writings must also be myths. How can historical accounts from two different civilizations be labeled as myths when the same stories have been told in different languages by various peoples from many different cultures? It was not only the Kemites and Sumerians who told stories about sky beings, other cultures around the world also told similar stories. Yet, all these stories have a common theme, and that is higher intelligent beings had visited Planet Earth and influenced human civilizations. In addition, they were an advanced species who came from the cosmos upon spacecraft. This is what the hieroglyph writings from the Kemetic and Sumerian civilizations depict. The hieroglyphs reflect giant men-like beings and their spaceships. The hieroglyphs on the walls of the Temple of Osiris also reflect an ancient jet craft, airplane, helicopter, and submarine having been utilized by the ancient Kemites. Extraterrestrial beings never built the “Hermaket” and the Giza Pyramids, because the Kemites possessed technology and machinery, which they used to carve solid stone.

The Hermaket “Giza Sphinx” was carved from a solid stone mountain. The Giza Pyramids were carved from solid stone. This is the true knowledge that governments around the world have tried to hide from us, which is why government-mandated curriculum teach a watered-down version of ancient historical accounts. The sacred writings are currently being scratched off the tombs and other historical monuments in Egypt, because they don’t want us to witness the truth. They want to erase this history from our sub-conscious minds. They don’t want the children to see what I have seen. They can’t erase it from my mind. But if they can erase it from the walls, it will be lost to future generations. They don’t want us to open our minds, think on the sub-conscious level, and process information outside our conventional thinking. The government doesn’t want us to think for ourselves. Instead, it wants to do our thinking for us. This is why they’re constantly telling us how to eat, when to sleep, how to act, how to dress, how to believe, what to believe, when to pay your taxes, when to go to work, when to have fun, when to have sex, when to get married, when to make babies, and when to vote for your next elected official.

In the book titled Children of the Matrix, David Icke describes how humanity is being controlled and manipulated by extraterrestrial beings outside our physical realm who have also visited Planet Earth at numerous times in humanity’s ancient past, and how they still exist among us. David Icke began writing about extraterrestrials in the early 1990′s.

We tell ourselves that reality is what we can see. But what if those things we don’t see is more real than the actual world that has been placed before us, which pulls the wool over our eyes and keeps us from seeing beyond the world around us? Based on my conclusive research, it appears that there are factual accounts of higher intelligent beings living within our very solar system, or perhaps, existing in a parallel universe. A global conspiracy to conceal the knowledge of extraterrestrial activity on this planet goes all the way to the highest levels of all human governments.

The most gifted writers, philosophers, story-tellers, and visionaries are those who think outside the box of conventional thinking. This is why writers like Stephen King came up with a short story, which was made into a Hollywood blockbuster film about otherworldly creatures having crossed over into our world from another dimension. The short story titled The Mist was first published in the horror anthology Dark Forces in 1980. The 1994 film Stargate tells a story about alien interference in past human civilizations. The Stargate, discovered by archaeologists in Egypt, was a gateway leading to other planets and civilizations in the galaxy. A team of explorers, acting upon orders by the U.S. Government, was sent through the Stargate to a distant planet where they encountered humans that worshiped extraterrestrial beings as gods. Ironically, the chief deity worshiped on the planet that the Stargate team had traveled to was called Ra. According to archaeological and fossil findings, the ancient Kemites (called Egyptians by the Greeks) had jet black skin. But this is not how the ancient Egyptians and their gods were depicted in Stargate, which is a gross misrepresentation of historical records, all depicting the Egyptians and their gods as being black. In addition, Egyptian writings never depicted the god Ra as being evil in character. In Egyptian mythology, Ra was the giver of life, and was never considered an evil deity.

Often, the truth is hidden in plain sight. This is why literary novels, short stories, movies, and video games are the most effective tools used to hide the truth in plain view. Every once in a while, a Hollywood film is released to the public, which gives a small portion of the truth concerning unknown phenomenon in our universe. They purposely expose secrets, and then give you a fictionalized story of events to coincide with the secrets they have told you. The movie Prometheus, a prequel to the 1979 science fiction horror film Alien, is based on the concept that humanity’s beginning is due to the extraterrestrial engineers that made mankind. The film’s premise centers on the astronauts of the spaceship Prometheus, also the name of a Greek titan-god who had shown empathy for humanity due to his own integral role in the creation of mankind. The crew upon Prometheus had traveled to a distant world to find clues on the origin of mankind. Once they came upon an advanced civilization, they found the answers that they did not anticipate. The answers they found threatens the existence of the human species. It is also important to note that subliminal messaging is contained in the film, which promotes a very false assumption that the original man on earth looked similar to Europeans. Of course modern scientists and archaeologists have discovered fossilized material dating back millions of years to the continent of Africa. Scientific researchers have also confirmed that the first humans were of dark complexion.

For the past 60 years, Hollywood filmmakers have produced movies with a common theme involving the threat of extraterrestrial activities within human civilizations. Movie themes have also involved the destruction of humanity by nuclear threat in which the human population is significantly reduced. The movies are warning us about the possibilities of all these different worst-case scenarios we’ve seen on film and television as becoming reality within our modern world.

The origin of mankind has been the great debate among philosophical thinkers, researchers, and scientists for thousands of years. What modern scientists and archaeologists have discovered is a rediscovery of advanced human civilizations and the engineers responsible for humanity’s creation. The word mankind itself suggests that we are a kind of man or woman due to mankind’s genetic engineering by extraterrestrials. Based on ancient evidence, the biblical account of creation is no more than a plagiarized account from earlier sources, which predate biblical sources by millions of years. We may very well have been created in the image of those who were our ancient engineers. The bible puts mankind at six thousand years old, but the first humans existed millions of years ago. The first human species existed in what today is called Africa. The Egyptian hieroglyphs also depict the rays of the sun upon men, which means the earliest humans had melanated skin.

My final conclusion, based upon comparative studies in alien phenomenon, leads my scientific and sub-conscious mind to accept that ancient extraterrestrials were not mythological creatures but indeed existed in our Solar System.


These beings are multidimensional and far more advanced in technology, some of which ancient and modern humans have always had access to. Governments have tried to hide in plain sight advanced alien technology, but Hollywood keeps revealing their secrets in the movies and mini-series.

Falling Skies is the second season mini-series scheduled to be aired on TNT in mid-June, and it tells the story of Planet Earth now being an alien planet. If Falling Skies was a nonfiction book, it probably would not make the New York Times Best Seller list. Have you heard the expression, the truth is often stranger than fiction? The so-called truth contained in historical accounts are not always accepted as conventional wisdom or reality by the masses. However, a good fiction or mythological story often reveals more secrets than the so-called historical account.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.