In August of 1999, I wrote a Heart and Soul Newspaper Column about my chocolate lab puppy, Herschel. He had disappeared one Sunday afternoon and for hours on end was nowhere to be found. I was heartbroken thinking that I had lost him forever.

Fortunately there was a two-part happy ending to the story in that Herschel eventually re-appeared, safe and sound, and my column became part of a national CD recording of stories entitled, Pet Tales. Although I did not have the opportunity to voice the recording myself, the narrator, Joe Edwards did a great job of telling Herschel’s story under the title of, Wet Nosed Kisses.

Today I pulled out that Pet Tales CD and once again gave a listen to Herschel’s story. Joe’s expressive telling brought back strong memories of that long ago moment in time— and helped to soothe the heartbreak I endured today as I truly lost Herschel forever;

In his memory, I am honored to share Herschel’s story of Wet Nosed Kisses.

Rest well buddy  Click Here to listen