While the argument may be made that all political memes are useless, what will half the country do when the Presidential election is decided? I mean, hundreds of thousands of “meme photos” have been generated; some in support of a particular candidate or ideological cause that fits their favorite, or the memes tear down the opposed candidate. If Obama is re-elected, what will some do with their animated “Fartbama” gifs?

Yep… This exists…

And if Romney should win, what will his detractors do with the various “RMoney” memes?

Plus, we haven’t even considered the meme photos done on spec: the ones made in anticipation of a candidate winning that will be used to stick it in the faces of people on Facebook who supported the losing side. The Electronic Frontier Association estimated that there are at least 168,452 separate meme photos in the wings, such as a smiling and winking Obama conveying a message of “Suck it, Romney lovers!” and an near equal amount showing a majestic Willard Mitt Romney with the caption “Here’s the change we need, takers!” Half of these will be rendered completely useless once the winner has been decided.

In an effort to address this eventuality, Tommunisms is proud to be a co-sponsor in the non-profit, bipartisan organization “Broken Dreams, Recycled Memes”.

Beginning immediately after the election has been decided, you and your loved ones can donate your obsolete memes to benefit children in Africa. Similar to the NFL program that donates the “loser” clothes that are made in advance for both teams playing in the Superbowl, “Broken Dreams, Recycled Memes” will print out all the donated meme photos and hand deliver to needy children on the African continent. There, they can use them as stock for soup, serve as lining for their shoes and clothes, and be used as valuable teaching aids so these poor deserving children can see what a real first world democracy looks like, and then aspire to be like.

So, hopefully by the end of tonight, you will be able to help! How do you donate your memes? It’s super easy. On your computer desktop, if you have an icon that looks similar to this:

Just place your unwanted/obsolete meme photos in the “recycle bin”. A root-kit already installed on your computer (when you viewed this page!) will take over your computer and electronically transfer the memes to the “Broken Dreams, Recycled Memes” database somewhere in the Cayman Islands. (Other information may be accessed as well, for security purposes. Don’t worry! It’s all legit!)

Won’t you please help in this worthy cause?