Today some of our writers had a get together at Amherst Ale House and for nearly the entire time, we just talked about how shitty the Bills have become. We went over memories of futility. From Dick Jauron to Wade Phillips, it was as if we were being visited by 3 ghosts.

The ghosts of past football failures.

For the most part, I didn't even watch the game. At one point, I looked up at the TV and realized Miami had scored a TD 20 minutes earlier. This isn't the first time this has happened to me this year. I've noticed that my attention span during these horrible games has shifted towards Twitter and just bitching about the team. It always goes that way during these meaningless December games.

These group outings with Bills fans reminds of the scene in Goodfellas, when all the housewives are bitching about their husbands and drama in front of Karen Hill and she's just shocked. I'm sure if we had an outsider at the table who never watched the Bills, they'd feel like they were Karen Hill.

Here are some of the highlights I remember:

  • Randy Cross sucks.
  • Thurman Thomas tweeted cryptic shit, which made everyone get boners. BTW, he tweeted that the Bills were going to have a HUGE gift under the Christmas tree during the coaching search of 2009. It was Chan Gailey. Thurman must have had some bad Christmases as a kid.
  • Jerry Sullivan gave up Twitter. I think.
  • Jeremy White Tweeted that Mike Harrington was a troll.
  • Chan doesn't know what the Calvin Johnson rule is and neither do the refs.
  • Fitz had a few turnovers.
  • Stevie Johnson had a terrible game, which means Jeremy White and Jerry Sullivan will yell at each other uncontrollably tomorrow. Greaaat.
  • Marcell Dareus was a beast.
  • The refs stunk.
  • We still don't know how to defend the read option.
  • And who really cares at this point?

I just need this season to end.

The fact that the Bills are going to keep with the continuity of losing is just ridiculous. Again, the Bills are tied with the Browns with the worst record in the NFL since 2010. Where is the progress? There is none. It is the same crap. You see, this is where my apathy for the team turns to rage. I want the season to end so I can just move on and get away, but then their stupidity with plans and public relations bring me back in.

Seriously, do the Bills think they are dealing with a bunch of rubes?

Russ Brandon was talking about Jeff Fisher/Titans and Bobby Cox/Braves as a reason for continuity earlier this week. Are you kidding me? The Titans made the playoffs like five times in 15 years. Bobby Cox was in Atlanta for one year before they went to their first World Series. Who the hell feeds him these lines? I just can't stomach any of this at this point. I need the season to end so we can fast forward to the Draft or Game of Thrones. The continuity point has so many holes to it, we may as well call it Titanic or Romney's tax plan. They kept Jauron in 2008 because they wanted continuity. They didn't bring in an outsider when Levy left because of continuity.

They kept John Guy and Tom Modrak for years out of continuity. Continuity doesn't work because the same guys are still running the show who have failed year in and year out. Start with Russ and Ralph. Do I have to mention when you elect NOT to fire someone, you are passing up on coaches who ended up getting hired somewhere else and make an impact? Between hearing some of the Bills shills and Russ, I need them to stop this line of selling. Just tell me you are getting new players here. Pimp that. Not continuity.

Anyway, I'm finished. The Bills played a meaningless game against a Miami team that 20 years ago would have been an epic Sunday. Now, I'm just looking at Twitter and hoping for a good spat. For the actual games, It is just a recording of thoughts here for me guys. I probably wrote all of this last year after the Denver game. Same meaningless games and just a new year.

I think we all need a break at this point.