You ever run into a single girl who constantly bitches about how much she hates her prior relationships? How she can't stand men? She thinks they are all bad and she total A-bombs the possibility of a relationship before even going out with them. Things are doomed before they even start in her mind.

That's exactly how I feel when a Bills game is hanging in the balance with less than 3 minutes left. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only self-deprecating fool who thinks this. How many times have we seen the Bills staring victory in the face only to fail. All they needed was a stop, a catch, a point, a little luck, a run, and a sack, but as always, they failed. And not only did they fail, I knew it was coming before it started.

That's what happens when you lose all the time. You can't shake it. It's the reason why you choke. Think about it. The Bills defense dominated St. Louis for most of today. They had like what? 71 yards by halftime. Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus were up Bradford's ass all day long. Then, with the game in the balance, the Rams marched 85 yards for the game-winning touchdown. What is the difference? The timing. The situation. A situation where you win or you go home.

It is a situation where we always find a way to lose.

I said we were going to lose when the Rams started their final drive. I just knew it. I nuked the relationship before it even got off the ground. Oh, and it could have easily been diverted. Maybe if the Bills had gone for two earlier. Maybe if the stupid refs hadn't called a BS penalty on the Stephon Gilmore INT return for a TD. Maybe if Spiller touched the ball more than our punter. Maybe if George Wilson actually had WR talent instead of dropping INTs.

It is just a bunch of Maybe/Ifs that always seem to bite the Bills in the ass.

It just annoys me that I automatically think we are going to lose when the chips are on the table. Is it just being negative? Yeah. But it comes from being in such a dysfunctional relationship for so long.  It's become a part of us. It's the devil on our shoulder, telling us that we are going to lose. Alas, the angel with the halo on the other shoulder is drunk and dead, offering no guidance whatsoever. Since 2010, the Bills are 8-15 in games decided by 8 points or fewer. It doesn't seem that bad, does it?

Sadly, expecting the worst has become a coping mechanism at this point. Was I pissed  they lost by this fashion? No. I just knew it was coming and that made it easier to deal with it. I laughed. Gave a shrug. Asked for the check at the bar. And left.

Oh, I didn't mention the Bills had time to get into FG range?

Well, why would I at this point? I knew the offense would blow it late like they have done throughout the years.

Welcome to Loserville.

Welcome to football hell.

EST. 1960.

—I swear, if you were to somehow muffle the voices of the last 4 Bills head coaches and not see their faces, it would be impossible to figure out who was who. Stupid excuses from when to kick 50-yard FGs to when to suspend Eric Moulds to punting from the 32-yard line to "kicking well" as a positive in a bad loss to not finding the challenge flag. Holy crap. How many of our coaches are gutless wonders? Gailey's management was awful today. His playcalling in the last 30 seconds of the 1st half should be a fireable offense. Seriously, he has become the southern version of Dick Jauron. He has an average offensive mind and both have no concept of game management or in-game adjustments. He is a joke. He is coaching over his head. He's "Scared" to kick 50-yard field goals. He treats his running back rotation as if he's coaching high school football and everyone needs to play or the kids' parents will hunt him down. At this rate, all of WNY wants to hunt this fool down with pitch forks and battle axes.

—CJ Spiller carried the ball 7 times today. Did he piss off Gailey in a previous life? Is he falling asleep during meetings? Did he egg his car? Did he make fun of Chan's beard? I'm lost at sea here. It is ridiculous that the Bills gave their most explosive weapon the ball only 8 times in a game. What are the excuses? This was a close game. There was no "We gotta pass the ball a ton because we are behind" bullshit. Chan's excuse: CJ was winded. Fuck you! Spiller is a young kid. He's in the prime of his life. You trying to tell me he's out of shape, even though he's averaging over 5 yards a carry? Even though he carried the ball 23 times against Miami three weeks ago? His 7 carries were the least he's had since the San Fran game. The difference? Bills lost by 42, not 3. Fitz dropped back 41 times and there were 16 carries between 22/28. It is almost the same run/pass ratio they had against Houston/Indy/New England. It always seems to always be a 2-1 ratio. When will they learn?  I swear, we need find someone at the Indian Reservation to put on a rain dance at the stadium. Maybe a monsoon would force Gailey to run the football more.

–I feel bad for Fitz. He played alright when you consider he had some jabroni named Snow snapping him the ball and he was running for his life. The problem is that fans can't stand seeing him throw the ball. Even when he has a stretch of completing 23 for 27, no one is saying, "Wow! Look at Fitz go! Let's have him throw more!" People are clamoring for 60's style football. He's screwed. He could have a good game or a good throw and no one will care. People are over him. They have decided that he's just keeping the seat warm for Mike Vick or Matt Barkley. Fans will make a bigger deal when he throws a poor pass than if he connects on a bunch of nice throws. 

—I love Fred Jackson. But he is having the season from seven hells.

—Chan Gailey is 15-30 as the Bills head coach.

—Mike Martz is worse at commentating than he is at coaching. And that's saying something. Hey, let's hire him as our next coach!

—Again, why is Gailey taking Spiller out? It is going from the team being too pass happy to the Bills thinking Brad Smith is a better option at WR than CJ. I don't get it. I don't understand.

—The house that Russ Salvatore built?

—Will the Bills ever beat a team above .500?

—Some good: I thought the secondary played well. I think Gilmore may be the best rookie the Bills have had since Jairus Byrd in 2009. He has a lot of talent and we can only hope he gets better. Even though the DL only sacked Bradford once, they were constantly in his face. Marcell Dareus got in some serious licks on Bradford and I even saw CBs blitz. They also held Steven Jackson to only 3.4 yards a carry, giving them a 4th straight week of holding opponents to less than 100 yards rushing.  Of course, it all came to shit on the last drive, but overall, they did enough for the Bills to win.

—I have a feeling a number of plays from today's game will make "Come on, Man" on ESPN. Lee Smith getting face-palmed when he leaped into the stands with no one catching him. The ball slipping through Powell's hands on an EP. The snap going over the Rams punters' head. It was a comedy of errors.

Final word: If we could find the guy who made the remote for Adam Sandler in that awful movie Click, please have him forward the season to end. I'm so bored by these guys. Losses don't even disappoint anymore for me. I'm not mad. I'm just numb to it. 13 years of this. Almost 20 years since the Bills last playoff win. It is what it is…just a big pile of crap. Cheers.