In his syndicated column this week, Buddy the Book talks football, local politics, and about his distaste for the Buffalo News…

Recently, I had a conference call from Buddy reporting from sunny Miami FLA. Buddy indicated to me that this is a tough week. These are not strong plays for week 17. New England (-10) over MIami. This is a game that NE wants for some momentum headed into post season. New Orleans (-5) over Carolina. Saints bitter about bounty bowl suspensions. Pittsburgh (-6) over Cleveland. The bus door is wide open for these clowns. Dallas (+3.5) over Washington. This is a game that will decide the fate for Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. This is a classic rivalry game. The Jills vs Jets. Nobody cares! You should go play in a parking lot.

Its one of those opinionated days… BUT whatever happened to Andrew Rubdick and Stan Dipsey. These two so called “commnity leaders.” Well- with these two Bufffalo Destroyers are off to greeener pastures. I know they loved “scamming” off Buffalo. Rubdick is gonna go into some sort of teaching at a local college?? I was thinking some substitute teaching right in the heart of Mobile Ala. This is right up is alley of giving back. Yeah Right! Let me miss these two job creators of this economically challenged area. Good job guys! 

It looks like the Ninj is going through some tough times. Recently, he was spotted walking up the “love bugs” mansion with a box of pizza and bucket of wings. The poor Ninj was in his classic sideways walk up the steps. The Ninj on any given sunday will pull out all stops. I mean “options”! BOING! 1-800 Bud-wins. This is not the Buffalo News. The Blogger is not “Dim Light”! There is no editing of Buddy the book’s column.