Buddy the Book is back. I’m not sure who this mystery bookie is, but each week he gives invaluable advice to potential betters out there. At the same time, he touches on the country’s fiscal crisis as the Ninja…

It’s one of those opinionated days…

Buddy the book is enjoying a little R&R down in Key West with good buddy Jimmy Johnson.  The guy that has two super bowll rings compliments of Marv Levy and Jim Kelly.  Whatever happened to the debt ceiling????  We now have this grossly exagerated over the cliff????  I can’t wait!  I am so fearful of heights.  I know our “so called leaders” like to give their buddies from the media over hype fear mongering story. This is kind of stretching it.  I remember red and green light from one of our former elected kickball captains. Its kind of similar to being threatened by your middle school teacher or principal.  It remains to be childish adults making childish threats.I hope they don’t let the lobster loose?????
Plays of the week-  Belichik gave me a whooping!  Record last week 2-2.  This week Chicago (+3.5) over Green Bay, Baltimore (+2.5) over GB,  Seattle (-5) over the Jills bye -bye to Buddy Nix – see Ya at the improv!  Adios Chan!  You don’t have it! 

The big Sunday night game is gonna be a tough play.  I think that the Patriots will confuse Humperdinkle the roolie QB.  If NE gets any turnovers this will be over with quicker than you can say Steve Grogan!  However, I will go with the 9ers (+6.5).  I hope Belichick has an off night.  This is a tough play. 
Extra play say goodby to the Jets and Rex Unemployed.  Titans (-1) over Jets.  Put your local Bookie out of business with these 4 star plays.  The Bills bus door is wide open.
I can see through my crystal ball the ninj is getting antzy after being frozen by alli ba ba!