We met Buffalo Bills Super Fan Kenny Johnson with the Famous 1980 Ford Pinto Station ‘er, Grill Wagon..lol Memorable Quotes: Kirk asks “What about birds, don’t they like landing there and pecking at that, like pigeons, and seagulls?” Kenny replies “Yeah they do, not when its cold, but like during the off season you know, when I have the car parked; you know out in the yard for, I come back and there’s bird shit all over it” Kirk understands “oh yeah, they peck at it, you’d think” Anthony laughs “hehehehehe” Kirk comments “You got some beans and corn, and tomatos?” Kenny “oh yeah, grab a fork, shovel in what you need; dive in!” ….and finally, on nuyens wisniowka, “jagermeister is worse” exclaims Anthony, and Kirk retorts “jagermeister is better” Thank you for the good old fashioned American Hospitality. We love Buffalo, New York!