A new, fresh face to the Buffalo Scene

The mission for the Buffalo Employment and Training Center is to:

“…conveniently bring employment, training and other workforce services to residents and employers in a one-stop environment. The Center is open to anyone seeking employment.”

It does this by fulfilling it’s goal of:

“assisting residents of Buffalo and Erie County to gain employment and assist employers in finding qualified workers.”

While it is most certainly convenient, the “qualified” part may be in question as one job it helped place was that of it’s new executive director, Antoine Thompson.

Antoine Thompson is a new, fresh face to the Buffalo scene. Down on his luck after losing his State Senate seat to Mark Grisanti in 2010, Thompson floated around aimlessly, eventually settling in on a real-estate sales job. But apparently, not getting money on the government’s dime wasn’t cutting it, so fortunately there was an opening that just happened to be appointed at the discretion of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. Hizzoner may consider Thompson to be his “Mini-Me”, since both are members of “Grassroots” and Antoine succeeded him in both the City Council and the State Senate.

So, if you are down on your luck and looking for a well paying  job and have questionable qualifications, head on down to the
Buffalo Employment and Training Center. Make sure you fill out your form entirely, pointing out to which connected politicians you are “buddy-buddy” with, and you’ll be on easy street once again.

My friends, these people will never go away. One way or another they will return to the public eye and/or the public payroll. Buffalo touts it’s successful recycling program. It’s got nothing on the recycling of politicians into new jobs here…


Speaking of familiar faces, Erie County Comptroller-Elect Stefan Mychajliw released the names of those participating in his Advisory Council, with a goal of turning “Erie County into a model of fiscal discipline.”

Now, former comptroller Alfreda Slominski had such a council too, so perhaps there’s something to it. Here’s the list of advisors for Stefan:

•Paul F. Ciminelli: Comptroller’s Advisory Council Chairman, Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer
•Robert M. Glaser: CPA, Freed Maxick Managing Director and Chairman of the Board. Former Erie County Control Board Chairman
•Philip C. Kadet: CPA, Lumsden & McCormick
Nancy Naples: Former Erie County Comptroller and former New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner
•Daniel C. Oliverio: Attorney, Hodgson Russ Firm Chairman and former Erie County Control Board Chairman
•Colleen DiPirro: Amherst Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.
•Alfred Hammonds Jr.: Former Deputy Erie County Executive
•Mark Hamister: The Hamister Group, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
•Philip Corwin: MBA, Corwin Holdings LLC President, Erie County Development Industrial Development Agency and Buffalo Niagara Enterprise Board member
•Martha Lamparelli: Erie County “21st Century Commission” Chairwoman and Erie County Advisory Committee on Reapportionment Board Member
•Russ Gugino: Aide to former United States Congressman Jack Kemp
•Randall Best: Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc. Vice-President of Business Development

Of course, when I think of fiscal discipline, Nancy Naples pops into mind first. She was comptroller before and during the time of the dreaded Erie County Fiscal Crisis of 2004, and she resigned her post in 2005. She brought her fiscal discipline to the failed Carl Paladino gubernational run of 2010 as his campaign chairperson.

She might make a great advisor; whatever she suggests, just do the opposite of.