Job Creators!

Job Creators!

Mark Poloncarz is whining about the Clarence Industrial Agency yet again, just because they give away money in the form of tax breaks and incentives to places like doughnut shops. Mr. Frowny-Pants thinks that such incentives are supposed to lure in new businesses and help create good paying jobs. Well, it’s not like area taxpayers are the ones who foot the bill. Oh wait…you do… Because it means less money that the County could be collecting in tax dollars. You know, to help keep the budget balanced and keep our tax rates from going up.

Well, I bet he’s none too pleased with Clare-Ida again, as they will be considering a request to cough up some cash for an expanding auto-dealership. Towne Auto will be expanding their Mini car dealership, and would like $85,000 in corporate welfare. It was originally reported that Towne said it would create a whopping 2 new jobs, but now that number may be 10-12. It’s always hard to hammer out numbers and details when dealing with car salesmen, so why should the entire dealership be any different?

However, Towne may be out of luck, as Clare-Ida is also considering other business for tax breaks:

  • Whirlin’ Disc Sound wants tax incentive. DJ will play more rock, less talk atweddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.
  • Bavarian Nut Company wants an incentive to create a new “nut roaster” position
  • Dippin’ Dots may be lured to Clarence to create a stand-alone “Ice Cream of the Future Emporium”
  • Spaulding Lake Club would accept $300,00 dollars to add an additional men’s room urinal, and say they will hire a bathroom attendant to help paper towel distribution and chewing-gum disbursement

Clarence’s IDA head  David Hartzell (who also just happens to be Town Supervisor) did not tell Tommunisms:

“The decision of Clare-Ida will be award the most tax incentive dollars to the mots frivolous petition before us.  This means we will be not only weighing how much we will piss area tax payers off, but what will generate the worst press for Clarence.  And if the voters disagree, then they can kick me out of the Town Supervisor position, as I have this cushy IDA job thingee going. Suck it, Poloncarz!”

At that point, my fictional interview with Hartzell ended when he was spirited away in a brand new custom-painted 2013 model Mini Roadster with “weather protection clear undercoat”…