While I do think Buffalo’s do-nothing, empty suit mayor Byron Brown is a lock for reelection in 2013, I don’t believe the “independent” poll their camp came out with today. From Bob McCarthy’s Buffalo News column….

But that’s exactly why poll results like these find their way into the
public conversation. They are designed to scare away the Bernie Tolberts
of the world, especially when they show Brown pounding him by a 70
percent to 15 percent tally.

And when pollsters throw in
Comptroller Mark Schroeder just for the heck of it, they report Brown
with 60 percent, Schroeder with 15 percent and Tolbert with 12 percent.

Notwithstanding the South Buffalo Judases who would support mayor Brown, I think Schroeder would fare much better than 15% in a citywide race.  This just goes to show that we reward mediocrity in our current political system. Get ready for four more years of feel good-say nothing press conferences from the uncharismatic Byron Brown. But don’t worry. We’re heading in the right direction with his appointment of Antoine Thompson as the city’s new leading job developer.