In 2006 the Erie County Legislature amended the Erie County Charter by creating a Citizens Budget Review Commission. The push for such a commission came about due to the fiscal meltdown of the County several years ago.

The County Charter requires the 11 member Commission to meet quarterly and to file an Annual Report with the County Legislature. While the legislation creating the Commission was passed six years ago, it has not been implemented. According to staff members at the Erie County Legislature, getting citizens to volunteer for the Budget Review Commission has been difficult.

If you believe that more should be done to prevent taxes from going up here is your chance to dive into county budget numbers and have some input into reports and suggestions being forwarded to the Legislature. If you support more funding for arts and cultural organizations here is your chance to dive into county budget numbers as well.

Below is a press release issued by the Betty Jean Grant, Chair of the Erie County Legislature, which provides more information and how to apply if you are interested.

Erie County Legislature Chairperson Betty Jean Grant (D-Buffalo) is calling for applicants to fill vacant positions on the Citizens’ Budget Review Commission.

          Pursuant to the Rules of the Legislature, Local Law Int. 2-1 (2012), Section 4, the Commission “shall be established to assist and advise the erie county Legislature in the oversight of the county’s budget and to monitor county finances, ensure the long-term fiscal stability of erie county, prevent the concealment of county deficits, and to help provide the Legislature with enough time and information to respond to budgetary problems.” The Commission will meet quarterly and provide regular reports to the Legislature and shall submit an annual report on or before October 15.

The vacant positions are:

  • One member who has professional experience as a certified public accountant
  • One member who has professional experience in the banking and finance industry
  • One member who is an attorney-at-law, particularly with experience in local government law and/or finance
  • One member who has professional experience with organized labor
  • One member from the Erie County business community
  • Two at-large members who represent a cross-section of the county’s diverse population and have a depth of appropriate experience and expertise.

Applicants must send their resumes to the Erie County Legislature no later than 12 p.m. on Thursday, January 3, 2013. Resumes must be addressed to: Citizens’ Budget Review Commission, Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin St., 4th Floor, Buffalo, NY, 14202. Please indicate which of the above positions you are applying for.

For more information, please contact Ellen Przepasniak, Clerk of the Citizens’ Budget Review Commission, at (716) 858-8480.