We watch football for the winning, right?

That's what keeps us tuning in. You want your team to show the world they are the best in the world. It isn't always about beer or wings or friends, it is the winning moments that really make you coming back for more..or at least it should.

I've been one to share a story or 10 about the days of Yore of being a Bills' fan. It really is the only thing that keeps this whole ship of billieving afloat for me. To root against your team would just be blasphemy. It would really ruin the moment. It would make you feel all dirty inside like paying for hookers.

For years, I've always been the guy to say that the Bills shouldn't lose out. It isn't just about losing your first love of winning, but not believing that bombing out to have a high draft pick automatically means you are going to get great players in the draft. It doesn't. The Steelers, the Packers, and Ravens have always been able to find gems late in the draft or on the streets.

Teams like the Raiders and Lions have always picked in the top 10, yet, they only have one playoff appearance between both franchises in the last. It is about who is picking the players, not where you are picking.

I've stuck with that for a loooooooong time.

Not anymore.

I'm done with this crap. Frankly, I want the Bills to fail. Yes, I said it. I want them to fail in a cynical, irrational, how can you top that moment of futility? kind of way. I want the place to burn to the fucken ground. I want what Joker wanted in Dark Knight. Chaos. Anarchy. Forget your Bills mafia code book of truth, justice and the cheering way, because it is time to root for what is best for the organization and that's losing. Maybe we can find some funny moments together. Hey, who doesn't love football follies?

We can laugh when Tashard Choice becomes the featured back in the 4th quarter. We can laugh at how Fitz can't hit the side of a barn. We can take shots at Mario Williams' fridge. Laugh at the Bills' Twitter feed. Just what is left? It is denial, anger and now we are at the acceptance point. I don't want to stay on the acceptance point that much longer.

I want change.

I want them to fail so they will hopefully and mercifully fire Chan Gailey and maybe even the GM. I'm sorry, but I was rooting for Seattle to run up the score on us when the game was finished. I didn't want the punt return to be called back yesterday. I wanted it to be so embarrassing that the someone would wake up Ralph Wilson from his midday nap and tell him that the Bills aren't allowed in Canada ever again.

And this is what it boils down to when the Bills face the Jets and Dolphins.

I want them to get bulldozed.

I want Sanchez to throw 4tds and Tim Tebow channels Jesus to give him divine intervention to be able to rush for a 3TDs. I want Tannehill to do his best Russell Wilson. I went them to get bludgeoned so that the stench from the field will be raised so high that it can be smelled by Ralph's inner circle in Detroit.

Throw the fricken games at this point. I am not kidding. It is better for them to lose in embarrassing fashion and hope they realize they can't sell Chan Gailey back to the fans.

If they finish 7-9, he will be back. Do the next two games really mean all that much? The Bills are playing against two teams that aren't very good. There is no "If they can beat the Pats, you'll feel good about next year" game. There is nothing to be gained. There is no measuring stick game that can springboard you into the next season.

It is best that the Bills lose out in embarrassing fashion because they cannot win with a coach that has been fired from 3 of his last 4 gigs. A coach that is 15-31 with the Bills. A coach that has won 10 road games in five years as an NFL coach. Trust me, this is for the best. All those heroic runs to 7-9 in the past have produced nothing.

We need to take drastic steps here. We need to wish for them to lose. I know it sucks. I hate it too. I know the reasons for why you shouldn't root against them cause I've made them… but ask yourself,

"Do you want Chan Gailey here next year?"

This is the only way you are going to get your wish. Yup, sometimes it takes going through hell to get into heaven.