What happens when a government agency forgets they’re a government agency and thinks they are actually a big business? The NFTA is born.

These jokers have had 30 years to develop the Outer Harbor and their results are atrocious. After three decades of ineptitude, the Harbor consists of three abandoned buildings and one overpriced restaurant. The Owners of Dug’s Dive should pass out fly swatters to each customer as they enter the restaurant. The pop was flat and the flies ate more of my $15 chicken sandwich than I did when I ate there.

Congressman Brian Higgins is calling on the NFTA to give up it’s stranglehold hold on waterfront development and sell the land for $2 (the price they paid for it.) In response, the NFTA is scoffing at the idea, saying THEY have invested $7 million dollars in the land. I hope by “they” they mean the thousands of Western New York taxpayers who pay their exorbitant salaries and fund their quasi-government organization. To hear them talk, they’re successful businessmen who take financial risks for a living. Nothing could be further from the truth. The NFTA has had thirty years to make a profit over there, and instead have proven grossly incompetent. They’r ethe last remaining barrier to real waterfront development. “They” need to exit stage left and let someone with a clue take over the land. I want my two dollars!…

Higgins Wants Outer Harbor Sold for Cheap