I’m thankful the Erie County Legislture shot down County Executive Mark Poloncarz’ proposed property tax hike. I can’t believe the number of elected officials who think people would be o.k. With paying more taxes. Poloncarz showed up at meetings with giant place cards, depicting phony bar graphs telling us that we weren’t really paying that much. A sure sign he was trying to sell us a bill of goods.

Poloncarz promised all the cultural groups more of our money. That’s how he got elected. After reaching into our pockets, his plan was to (along with the Democratic legislators) hand these groups our money, as if he was personally writing the check. The perfect scam.

Had this happened, it would all but ensure reelection for the “Santa Clause” lawmakers/AKA Scammers. Poloncarz now says, “If they don’t act like adults, I will.” Talk about an idle threat. I’ll go on record as saying Poloncarz doesn’t have the guts to make real cuts. We’ve all seen this broken record before. These idiots fight and argue and then make tiny marginal cuts. All the friends and relatives keep their jobs and nothing really changes. Poloncarz made irresponsible promises to these groups in order to get elected. We’ll find out in the coming weeks if he’s serious about making real cuts. I don’t think he is.