“Several days ago the NRA promised ‘meaningful contribution’ to preventing another tragedy like that which occurred last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Unfortunately, no such contribution occurred today. 

“Instead, America was treated to little more than a confrontational screed and a proposal to require armed guards in our nation’s schools that cannot in any way be considered rational or in the public’s interest. Fighting guns with more guns only continues to put our children in the crossfire.  
“Since the Newtown tragedy one week ago, I have consistently stated that efforts to make real change must be meaningful and comprehensive. The NRA’s proposal is neither meaningful nor comprehensive, and its confrontational attitude is counterproductive. That is unfortunate. But one thing is absolutely clear: turning schools into armed compounds cannot be part of any solution.
“I am committed to working toward real change to protect our children, and believe proposals should consider all factors, including meaningful reforms to our gun laws. We owe it to the 20 beautiful children and 6 courageous adults who lost their lives in Newtown to honor their memory by preventing these horrors from being repeated.”