The Bills looks pretty good all around today, they looked good against the Dolphins two weeks ago. Their defense is playing much better and their offense has shown the ability to produce at a high level (at times). Could they win the remaining four games? Sure. Is it likely? Consider this, the Bills’ five wins have come against teams with a combined winning percentage of 0.283.

The Bills have won games against two 2-10 teams, two 4-8 teams, and a 5-7 team (combined 17-43 record). At a certain point, you have to win a game against a good team if you’re really going to challenge for a playoff spot.

Only five of the Bills twelve games have been against teams with a winning record (at this point), and they’re still 5-7. In those five games against teams with winning records, they’ve lost by a combined score of 175-84 (or an average of 35-16.8). In short, they’ve beaten teams at the bottom of the league and haven’t been competitive with the good teams.

Moving beyond that, how easy is their remaining schedule really? We’ve heard about the favorable schedule remaining but does that even mean Buffalo would be favored in those games? There is no Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Kansas City left on their schedule. They’ve already been blown out by the Jets, they barely snuck by the Dolphins at home, and they have yet to beat a team as close to .500 as St. Louis and Seattle (it feels pathetic just typing that). Ignoring the fact that winning out and ending the season at 9-7 certainly doesn’t guarantee them a playoff spot, I don’t see any games left on the schedule where Buffalo would be decided favorites.

Being home games, I could see them drawing a slight edge over the Rams or Jets but that’s still a complete toss-up in my mind. Until the Bills show the ability to beat a competent team, it’s difficult to take their playoff hopes seriously.