This week’s violent assaults on Buffalo Public School teachers are brought to you by Hot Stuff the Buffalo, a chief cheese maker at Yancey’s Fancy, New York’s artisan cheese. 

Attacks like this happen every week in certain Buffalo Public Schools. The kids involved are the first students the charter school “reformers” get rid of when they are “turning the school around”. Unfortunately for Buffalo teachers and principals, they don’t have that option. They’re stuck with who they got in most cases.

“We have fights here almost every day,” said Marc Bruno, the Riverside teacher who was kicked in the head. “The kids walk around and say, ‘We can’t get suspended – we don’t care what you say.’ Most of the kids who go to school here are really good kids. But you’ve got 20, 25 percent who are pretty rough. Someone’s going to get hurt.”

For every one violent attack in the schools, there are dozens of verbal attacks on teachers. Many of these students are used to getting whatever they need, right now, for free. You’re seeing the product of very bad or nonexistent parenting in many of the schools. Grandstanders like Sam Radford and the charter school profit seekers really think it is the schools themselves that are the problem, and not the parents. Many of the parents are the same ones who caused problems in the schools fifteen years ago, and they’ve multiplied.

I’ve advocated for a long time to remove the worst of the worst and create Alternative schools in Buffalo. I feel bad for the decent kids that they have to sit next to students with zero discipline, intent on causing havoc.